Absurd Suggestions Thread

As the title says, lets gather some absurd suggestions together for science… Ill start off with a few:

Invisible blocks - I want an invisible house, need to be able to be chiselled the same as any other block…

Extend the build Hight on each world to allow us to build grapple platforms so you can grapple from planet to planet. This could also be achieved by extending the range boon on grapples, but this might be a bit OP.

Atomic bombs - I feel this would help bring in some of the fallout player base, obviously they couldn’t destroy beaconed areas (to avoid griefing) and the fallout could slow the regen process, shouldn’t last for more than a couple of weeks…


I want to travel faster in live via mount. I don’t care if it’s wings so I can fly, a hoverboard, or a wooly wildstock. A raft or boat would be great too.

Sea life. Gems, jewels, treasures, creatures, and plants in lakes and rivers.

Dungeons full of mobs (incl Hunter) and awesome drops.

Planets or biomes that are totally bizarre - black and white, fully metal, random server events, full of bosses, weird plants, etc.


10x10 AOE Thor Hammers!! Mining would be a breeze :crazy_face:


I still want a damn spaceship :stuck_out_tongue:


Oortian Catapults, so we can launch ourselves across the world


A catalog of 100 different types of usable furniture (with different materials and colors selectable) so we can make our builds looked lived in


rougelike dungeon exos and buildable airships / spaceships


I’d like to take my forged emerald grapples over to warzone. Please add cross platform/cross game inventory transfers. Ty.


I have dreams that these are not absurd…


I wouldn’t mind bringing a portal gun in to boundless…


Me too :alien::heartpulse: now that would be epic !

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Using what already exists in game, I would say that the hoverboard would probably be the easiest. But would it be just casual travel, or would it run on oort to fly?

Dungeons would be fantastic too!

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I’m not sure how it should be powered. Oort? Spark? EV charging stations or batteries?
Seems like a hoverboard could go across any surface (incl lava and water). Would be cool to see a whole group of hunters racing to a meteor on their boards.


Pants, catagorized by musician. Elvis, MC Hammer, Mick Jagger, Cris Cross…:thinking:

MAGIC AND Speed Cookies



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I’d like cargo hover sleds I can pull behind my Wildstock mount so I can RP loading and unloading my flyable cargo ship.

Next I’ll fly to sochaltin 1 from refgar to the docking bay of ezpz eu mall so I can offload my goods and bring em to my shop for restock.

Oh did I mention? We would be able to sell bundles of items in our shop.

We make these bundles by putting the items in a bundlechine which wraps them together.
You can wrap it, box it, basket it etc. With different options having different amounts of space.

And yes there would be seasonal designs. Halloween, Christmas and gleam bow would be the most popular designs. Some ortians buy bundles not for the items inside, but to collect the different designs in every possible color.

Due to the introductions of bundles. Treasure hunting sees an explosion as many players seek to create their own Indiana jones theme park utilizing the dungeon feature previously introduced.

At this point some community members see a potential and their ambition drives them to unite and build a truly beautiful story based dungeon that gets turned into a small spin off game by turbulenz with the 2 players as story advisors.

The release of the spin off game generates more hype for the original boundless that turbulenz is able to generate more than enough funding to elevate the engine into boundless 2. In boundless 2 everything gets an update and those who played the original boundless get 50% of their plots copied over by using the same account!

Boundless 2: Rock of ages is a hit as there is now a story. Inspired by the success of the spin off game. Boundless 2 has a story you can play solo or with friends! Rewards for playing include cosmetics, gameplay armor, coin, exp and playable trophies and titles for completing chapters.

Not only this but future dlc is promised to expand on the story. What started as a dream and a close nit community has expanded into a big family cornering its wide niche finally.

Last talked about in the forums was. Movie based loosely on the spin off game. If true, would potentially be released in 2026

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At this point, I feel like anything beyond “release Update 249” is absurd. ^^’
Like ALL of the things I suggested in this thread and that thread might never happen.


Supply pipes that you attach to the machines and your closed storage. Making a network for your inventory and crafting needs. No more back and forth with just enough ingredients, and hoping you remembered where you were putting that viscous blood. :drooling_face:


Mounts! A transmog system and some gear to go with it. Rift like events (ie black holes).