Alba Mining Guild Contracts

Along the lines of the TNT Mining contracts, I would like to offer 50/50 mining contracts to anyone who wishes to take it up.

What do you get?

3 diamond hammers with 3x3 aoe and damage 8, will one shot T6 with maxed miner skills
3 persisting pies, to make those hammers last longer
9 mega fast brews, for faster resource gathering

What do I get?

50% of the resources obtained by using those tools.
This does not include rock, gravel etc, only things listed as resources in the knowledge tab, please ask if you are unsure of this.

I’m gonna start small, so just 3 miners to start with, if it goes well will update and expand.

How to find me:

My place is the capital of Alcyon, I’ll assume you already have atmosphere protection sorted, if you are looking to mine in this way.
Best route is via TNT Mega hub, into the T5/6 networking head to the Alcyon hub:

Head out the south-west door and turn south to the mining hut, there is a path leading up to almost the hub door, @Envyv77 has kindly said the TNT guys will finish the last part of the path that is within their beacon.

Sign the guild book and message me on this forum:

You will get access to a chest with the starter kit in it, this will also be where you deposit the loot:

If you need atlases for particular planets, ask me and I’ll see what I can help you out with.

No deadlines, no quotas, no pressure!

If things are going well, and you prefer a different mining load out, we can chat about that (I use a quite different set up to mine with!).

Any questions about how it all works, please just ask.

I’m also happy to discuss any mining queries you might have once you are signed up.


I should start something up like this in a few weeks as well.

Lemme know how well it’s going!


These are still available, little slow with any interest, let me know if there is any issues with what I’m offering!

Added discord channel

Gonna bump this up one more time, be good to hear why no-one has really shown any interest, and how I can make it more appealing!

It’s because you always look so grumpy!

Oh wait, all our characters do, hmmmm

Would you setup a booth in sunken town aswell I love interactive stuff?
I sort nice location in epicenter offcoarse

Heh, I must have a live web cam on somewhere in here…

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I’ve been considering making a location somewhere a little more accessible, might work well.

I know a place :wink:

Wanted to do such a thing and call it OortianPower, where everyone could add jobs and such…

If only we had something to write a small message on and the leave behind. I know, location tokens, but I something purpose made would be nice where we can add longer messages. Then drop those at the OortianPower booth, pay xxx coin and it will be added to the job listings board…

I’ll admit, this does sound tempting.

Though, how would you be sure people dump 50% of their minerals gathered?

Would be interested if there is still a spot open when I get off of work. Be home around 3 central time.

Well, I can’t really.

But I will go on trust, and i have been mining a lot since launch, so I know roughly what to expect.

Not that I assume everyone can mine to max efficiency.

If returns seem kinda low, I’m happy to help out with pointers to get the returns up, benefits everyone!

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All you end to do is sign the guild book, then I can give you perms on a chest with your get in it.

Collect when you want, and return the goods when you want.

If you want some pointers, I’m always happy to help out.

There’s some info on the signs in the mining hut as well.

I’m honestly pretty tempted to accept, since I need a bunch of xp for plots. Guess I’ll see if my ADD will let me

There’s no time pressure either, once you finish with the first lot, if you wanna go again, I’ll provide you with as many kits as you want!

Yeah sure, I’ll pop in soon to give it a whirl. I’ve got some low level chars that need the xp.

Alba Mining would like to welcome it’s newest recruits, @Deathwhisper & @Alchemist!

Anyone else interested, please let me know, if you could message me here and sign the guild book, it would be much appreciated :grin:

Still opportunities left for mining contracts!

I’m pretty well experienced with mining myself, so even if you are new and are just looking for some help to improve your mining, we can help each other out.


Now with added mine network access!

More to follow (hopefully!)