Another Therka Guild/Community Hub

So I’ve mentioned this in the current build thread but am now starting my own thread for this.

I’ve been building this fort for a while now, with the aim to make another little player city on Therka, and eventually start a guild when they come in.

It’s now ready for some new players! There is one ring road at the top of the main towers, each blue gleam post marks a plot boundary.

Coordinates: 1853,76,-77


  • Players can build in whatever style they like, I welcome variation!
  • It might however be nice for everyone to make their basement floor in the same style as my floors as it will hopefully look quite nice from below.
  • Each build can be as wide as you like but be considerate in leaving plots for other players to claim.
  • The builds can be no more than two plots deep due to the ring roads that will grow outwards and up with new towers and more ring roads.
  • I’d suggest if you’d like a basement make it no more than one plot below road level, but your build can be as tall as you like. In fact if your build is three plots high it will connect to the next road up from the back.
  • The two central North-facing plots aren’t available as they are above the fort entrance, hopefully they change the vertical beacon placement rules to allow people to beacon a few plots above someone else’s beacon.
  • There will be various places reserved for portals, there is currently a placeholder tower that could be locked and toll-able but I’ll have to wait and see what we can do when portals come in!

I think that’s it for now! I’ll update this post with new screenshots and info as more people gather. These screenshots aren’t the latest as three of us are working on new bits at the moment.

First Ring Road

Tour of the rest of the fort


I was there earlier today, its very impressive. :slight_smile:
Also meet a nice player that gave me a guided tour.

Well i know now where i will go to live i shall be there soon!

Hey, thank for the offer in the other thread @Wichall, my first 4 hours I didn’t see anyone typing in “world/game” chat so I just went round and explored, found some nice abstract things to looks at but no sign of towns. I’m retired so I tend to be on during US times so not sure where I’ll permanently settle yet - it’ll be somewhere without ice though lol.

If you can tell me how to find my co-ords I’ll be able to try and work out how to get to you. Also how to turn on infinite build mode? the guide says “i” but my “i” key brings up inventory, it might speed up my building so I can have somewhere safe from my resident stalker spitter.

I’ve got a lot to learn, I fell down holes 3 times and got trapped under the ice - as the totem doesn’t break ice so that was VERY frustrating being 1 block from escape but not being able to break it, think I spent at least 2 hours in total trying to get out of holes. Also looking through a lot of videos all advised the use of a Healing block before setting out on a journey but I can’t see it on the awesome crafting site.

So I’ll try to build a very basic house and a chest, craft up some trek things like a weapon & healing block and then have an adventure trying to find you.

You can use period “.” to get up the debug info, there you have your camera position.
Infinite build is no more…so are healing block.

Here is a newer start guide.

Good luck.


so im at your fort at north side and i wanna ask you how big i can build there in dimensions like 8x8x8

You can build 16 blocks (2 plots) back from the road, 8 blocks (1 plot) below road level.

As tall as you like!

Width, just be considerate in leaving space for other players. There will be more road levels upwards so space won’t run out too quick…

What’s your coords? Can show you a few places to go, i’m on now

-26, 67, -835 it looks like.

As long as you don’t laugh at my pathetic wood home with no roof or doors lol

Latest pics here, still a bit rough and lots of gravel hanging about :slight_smile:

More people joining as well :slight_smile:


More pics here with second road completed, pathways ready for the first level of villagers to build upwards and join up.

@BlueNight’s place


Latest updates here :slight_smile:

@hranica’s mini spaceship


Won’t be continuing with this project due to lack of interest, will let you all know when the space is free.

So sorry to hear, its a good spot and a fantastic build, i visit from time to time and have follow it for a while.
Hope new player will join the game soon to get a better player-base.


I can promote this via FB and Instagram if you like me to do it.

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Thanks @yota but there’s some brilliant towns around now and not enough guild support/player base to support a remote one like mine, i’ll do something else after the 1.0 wipe :slight_smile:

I have just opened a portal from this town @ (1884,-100) to my stall at Therka Market @ (1304,1893).

If nothing else it provides easy transport from Therka market to a decent starter world mining biome with Titanium, Gold and Silver in the mountains!

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you worked so much on it - but true not enough players at the moment and therka market plus pixel and dragons took most of it;

your house in the therka market looks good too :sunglasses:

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I’ve just opened a new portal from here to Munteen, very decent spot with lots of resources (amethysts), creatures (roadrunners/spitters/cuttletrunks) and huge graveyard with lots of blue gleam. You can get to my place from the Therka market, then go to the next tower for the Munteen portal.


I have two portals up! One to Pixelate and one to my favourite mining spot on Vulpto (hard coal and metal wise), everyone is welcome to use them!

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Please PM me if anyone wants to claim this, it’s well over 270 plots so if you can’t claim it, you can keep using my plots and I’ll give you full access to the beacon (storage and all). I won’t be on anymore to keep portals and things running.
I can even log in at a later date to whoever wants it, to transfer it to a guild beacon when those are implemented.