Any tips for a new player?

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Any tips for a brand new player? Coming from a lot of Minecraft and No Mans Sky. Really excited to get into Boundless! Not sure how I’m just now discovering it, but better late than never.

First thing I’m curious about is how to color my blocks (if possible). Everything on my first planet is orange and purple. Not the best aesthetic! All advice is welcome though.


welcome to boundless!

have a look here buddy Tips for New and Inexperienced Players

also we have a seargh function if you seargh for ‘‘tips new player’’ you come across many threads :slight_smile:


Welcome to boundless! Its very difficult to color blocks when you are just starting out, since creating sprays is more of a late game thing. If you look on your compass, you should see purple boxes in at least a couple of directions. If you travel to those you can find portals to other planets, or possibly portal hubs that allow you to travel across the perm worlds. You can always teleport back to your home beacon for free, so explore until your hearts content!
This will give you access to quite a few colors and allow you to meet many people. If you go to it has all the different colors for the different planets that are always available. Along with other information like how to craft different things and what not.

Biggest advice I can give about boundless is to not be afraid to reach out to the community. We love to help!


Alright well hopefully someone will delete this post I don’t have permission

Welcome to Boundless! (A lot of us play MC & NMS too)

You’ve come to the right place. I’m sure you’ll get lots of tips from everyone :blush:

Other planets will have different color blocks. When you’re ready, you can trade or buy blocks from other players. There are color icons on your top nav bar … this will help you locate free travel portals to other places and planets.


There are many sources for info:

These forums also hold a wealth of information.


Welcome to boundless! I recommend finishing the tutorial and also spending time just wandering. Find a portal and just follow them around looking at stuff : ) it’ll help give you a good idea of what’s possible and the layout of the universe.


i dont know on which planet you are, but if you tell i can give you a nice starter package of some tools and nice foods and some atlasses( i will explain how those work when i come to give the package), just so you can get started nicely ^^


Welcome to the world of endless possibilities!

My friends and colleagues above me have done a great job in giving out a ton of info already, so i’m going to give you some advice on what not to do :slight_smile:

Coming from minecraft, a common mistake is for people to compare boundless with it. In my opinion, thats a mistake :slight_smile: While on the surface the might look similar, they are actually extremely different! Throw minecraft logic out the window when playing boundless and you’ll have an amazing time! :slight_smile:


That is where I came from when first starting boundless!
Heres a wealth of information:

T1 worlds

Lasaina,Imoco,Gellis,Dzassack,beckon,Angel, Alder, Maryx, Niia Zed Ka, Raxxa, Refgar, Sochaltin I, Sorissi, Storis II, Trior

T2 worlds

Antar VI, Eresho, Finata,Lutrion, Minorengle, Pheminorum, Seginakai, Tana VII, Trung

T3 worlds

Grovidas te, Xa frant, Lamblis, Imdaari, Gyosha ophin, Gloviathosa, Cephonex merika, Boori, Biitula.

T4 worlds

Note: There are only 3 but people be waiting on an aussie T4
Delta concert, Till, Circarpous I (home of TNT MEGAHUB)

T5 worlds

Serpensarindi, Alnitans, Flan, Besevrona

T6 worlds

Carda, Shedu tier, Alcyon, Galan, Malruialakrib (commonly referred to as Mcrib), Kol Huroo, Houchus I (@BabyCookie!) Norkanya

T7 and T8 worlds don’t exist yet but will in the future. There are only T7 EXOworlds and T8 worlds aren’t live yet.


Tell me the world you started on and the coordinates of your home beacon while you’re playing and i’ll get you a gift!

The “K” key. Learn it, love it… Knowledge for days!

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Feel free to shoot me any “stupid” questions you have. I spent way too long being stupid, no need for others to suffer from it :wink:

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@Drew1048 This post is worth a read, SO many goodies in there. Should keep it going btw, if you learn anything let US know! =D


Gonna quote this here, im also willing to help you with anything you may need.

I found this random video on YouTube that might help you out :+1:
And welcome to Boundless! :fist: :boundless: