Art:First look at The Lance

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I’ve been hunting spitters down at the shore with my new two-handed weapon - The Lance!
It’s for use in close to medium-range skirmishes.The current model is a placeholder spear but we’ll be creating a cool Oortian lance design in the near future.
Here’s sneak preview:

Art: Code name 'Lance' Concept
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Looks cool!
Is it melee or ranged?


The lance is a melee weapon with a quick stabbing motion.


Nice to know that B< will be one of the few RPGs that have spears :heart_eyes:
Will the left & right mouse button have different functions like it is usual with 2 handed stuff in ambidextrous games?


@ minyi I actually like the name “little patootie” for the spitters, and nominate it as the official designation :wink:

Also, the original edit made me lmfao!

@jsouthworth is the Lance going to be able to be thrown as well? Maybe no further than 6-10m.


You should be able to attach flags/banners/ribbons on it.

Also it would be cool if it looks different for each material you craft it with.
(eg: Steel lance looks like a halberd, gem lance looks like spear.):dizzy_face::smiley:


Copper Lance?


If you look in caves, copper is one of the many gems/minerals yet to have a model.


I would prefere to have the same outcome for every material. I would be weird if some materials became a spear and some became a halberd or other things. But with the same way of making them.




[quote=“Squaremunch, post:11, topic:3388, full:true”]
[/quote]This reaction was all i could as for.


Hmm, so if it is two-handed, what it is second button function? Quick stabbing is cool … but what could be it’s second? …

As a lance is wielded in hip-height when worn it could be a charge for example … would be nice to have a short sprint (lets say 1-2 secs) with a big stab if hit ^^

Art: Machine concepts (refinery)

Nobody else noticed the copper? :open_mouth:


I cant wait to stalk the worlds, hanging in trees waiting for victims to come my way :smiley:


Since it is a 2-handed weapon maybe think of implementing also a “Block or parade animation” to defend yourself from melee attacks :smile:


I would personaly prefere that its second functionality was somekind of knockback attack as that would go well with a spear/lance


The posture of the character suggest that he´s going to throw his weapon. If you use polearms in melee combat you usually have them in the height of the hip like this:

So I think that this weapon might be used as a javelin and not as a spear.


Hmmm :wink:


Oh, missed that line.
Well then I´m really curious about the attacking animation.