Art: Hopper Progression concept

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Going off from the original concept and model of the Hopper, here are the progressions and variations they might appear in.


I have to be honest, when I read hopper I thought of Minecraft hoppers xD and I couldn’t remember ever hearing of those being implemented in Boundless.
After I clicked everything was clear^^

They look awesome. They’re bursting with creativity. An explosion of colors too.


Looks awesome can’t wait to walk into a world and see these. I’d like to see the tougher variations, I love difficult worlds.

Awesome concepts.
Now I really hope that different Hoppers will not only inflict different status effects but also have distinct explosions


Hiya Vastar,

So this is definitely something we’re trying to aim to achieve and what is next in the pipeline for creature development. In essence the hopper is an unstable bomb-like creature and will have a whole array of effects upon detonation. :smile:

Visually the elemental varieties of hopper will have that particular elemental damage - ie Ice/fire/toxic/blast damage. The ‘exotic variations’ will reflect the more surpising effects of detonation maybe like ‘jumble blocks’…this will depend on other factors tho and may appear more later on than the simple explode/detonate.

We have a few things more up our sleeves that will help this creature to become more ‘sandboxy’ but we’d like to keep it a surprise for now. We will try our best to make this as awesome as possible - that you can count on.

Have a great weekend, Gerry


Will they be a creature that require some specific way of killing them so they don’t explode?
Like shooting from far away, or stunning, or freezing/paralyzing.

Yes, so the idea is that there is quite a few ways that you can either trigger or manoeuvre the creature to detonate safely but we still need to develop the ai behind the idea. I’ve got a full set of animations that I can adapt to what works best with the AI during implementing the functionality in the next few weeks. My secret hope(not to secret I guess now) is that you could use the creature for your own means too. More to come in the very near future tho! I’ll keep you’all posted. :smiley:


I shall tame them, and name them jim, and my enemies shall know my name when I whisper “aloha snackbar” in their ears before a tide of hoppers crests the hill.

I’m really looking forwards to how the AI for all the mobs is done, it’s a pretty important part for how ‘alive’ the game feels.

Another kinda side question, is there plans for mobs attacking/interacting other mobs? Like a pack of hunter creatures finds a livestock creature, would they attack it? Or creatures that follow other creatures and attack when they see a weak one.


Mmmmmm - not at the mo because we’re still doing the basics but I love that idea! Consider it noted! :wink:


I’d like to use them as ■■■■■ (figure out what that word is yourself). I’ll call the game BombBall and if you lose you have to pay in bodyparts, if you want or not.
I’m taking bets on who’ll survive the longest.


Interesting progresion, it looks more powerful and armored as it goes on. I really like the different tinting, by the way. I’ll add this to the collection :grin:

looks spiky

Looks great the model!!

Do they die when detonate or can they detonate several times?
Especially ice detonations would look cool to see several times :slight_smile:
Also if you are able to “tame” creatures in the game (what I guess is not confirmed yet?), would be nice if they don’t die by first sight.

I hope you actually do this!