Art: Table and chairs concept

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Hello guys. New person mysteriously appearing here.

Here are a couple of concepts for what chairs and tables might look!


They look really boundlessy^^


i like number 8, 11, 12 and 17
really good stuff.

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They all look excellent - personal faves would be 2,3,4 for tables and 11,12,15 for chairs.

Will we actually get to sit and interact with tables or will they just be for show?

Oh and hello @Minyi - the mysteriously appearing person! :smile:


coooool … hope to see them soon ingame :smiley:

They look really good! Really fits the game.

I want allll of them :slight_smile:

Though if I should choose it would be table 8 or 3 and chair 12 or 13.

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I think the shape of table 7&8 would fit best into the game (I don´t see those tablecloths fitting into B< though).
Chair 16 also looks neat, I think stools would fit more into the game than actual chairs.

Those look awesome!

I really hope that we can connect tables in both directions, too. (say a 2x3 table)


I love all of it

The way you angled the furniture reminds me of Habbo and Gaia for some reason. Ah, good times.

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I agree with others players here, I enjoy multiple of these options. It’d be nice to get a variety to choose from not just in terms of texture and color, but style. Hopefully furniture (and other decorations) aren’t just a “one size fits all” thing.

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Also, welcome @Minyi and nice work so far! Looking forward to seeing more!

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@Minyi Are these chairs and tables made of wood? Or some light-brown stone? Great work! :slight_smile:

@Minyi, would it be possible that you can build some chairs together so that their “seat-pillows” merge? … so we could build banks to sit on :wink:

Everyone loves a sectional couch!

Hey guys thanks for all your feedback.

To answer the frequent questions here; at the moment the chairs will not be interactable, and it is all up to Ben to see to the matter :smiley: because I (and everyone else) wants them to be too.

@Scortion The chairs are wooden! (For now…)

@TheBirne I attempted to depict a row of merging chairs with the purple cushions. For now these are just concepts though, and I don’t know if these props will be mergeable yet.

Thank you everyone! Now. It is time I must depart. To the shadows.


oh, I’ve been blind :monkey_face: ^^

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love love love love!

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I’m a fan of the #6 table, additionally the #12,13,14and 17 chairs.
When I look at these props I’m also thinking how many uses they have- for example a stack of tables might make an excellent looking pillar. Same thing with chairs.
Additionally I am a big fan of the purple 3 wide chair down below- Having a joining functionality like that would be excellent for making things such as couches and such. It would be great if you could “scale” both of these props, ie: placing more than one next to each other allows them to connect. This is especially important if we want large tables for our guild halls.
Keep up the good work! I can’t wait to see these in game!

Like them all. Fav for table would 9, unless they will lose legs if joined (like image below), then would like the legs of 2 or 5, with the colourable tops of 7 or 4.
Though maybe they craft as a plain table (top 9), and you can add “dyed cloth” to it.

Love the cushioned chair (12) and cushioned stool (11), but it looks like 14 could be a plain version of its base. Though love the back/base of #19 with #12/14 legs.

Maybe two chairs and two stools? fancy and plain, that can be built as stool, or add to the recipe for backed? so you’d have:

  • plain stool: legs of 12/14, base 19
  • plain chair: legs of 12/14, base & back 19
  • fancy stool: 11 with legs from 12/14
  • fancy chair: adding the back from 12

Of course, if we could have them ALL that’d be AWESOME… :wink: and if we could mix and match leg/base/back models that’s be even “AWESOMER” lol (not a word, I know… a joke). :smile:

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