Atlas Help


How do you put items into atlas? its not letting me


what item are you trying to put in? You just have one in your cursor and put it in just like totem augments or slingbow ammo.


coal. Its not working XD i can do any other item but coal and gleam


Gleam didn’t work for me on the test server either. Are you trying raw coal or compact coal? I was able to get raw coal working on the test server.


Raw. And when you get the chance later and have the atlas’s Payed preorder just don’t remember if i did one set or 2


got it to work but now this is happening


it’s fog. You dont have the nearby regions discovered. this is why you preordered my set =D. I don’t remember if u got 1 or 2. I have it written down at home.


Gleam will not work in the Atlases.

The Atlases only work with resources and not non-resources (gleam, rock, sand, machines, door, etc).

We did explore supporting everything but it would have become much too expensive (server CPU and bandwidth) so we decided to draw a hard line at just the resources for now.

Is there a way to use The Atlas to Find Gleam Blocks like Metals?

Simoyd, Can we still preorder a set? :grin:


If nothing is showing then the game is failing to download the planet map.

  1. Make sure you hold down the trigger for a while (say 10 to 30 seconds) as they’re quite large assets.

  2. If nothing appears, please exit the game and send us a game log to see why it’s failing to download.

FYI - @Simoyd - even if you have not discovered any regions you should still be able to see the planet map faintly under the fog.


@simoyd i have 48 regions unlocked so entering a region you haven’t been too fogs the whole atlas?
@james I’m having issues with the forum. I have to reload the page 2-5 times - where it says savd it’ll says 100% complete and the reply will be grayed out


Maybe you’re having Internet issue? (Having my dinner will help more after.)


preorder no, but you can hand trade to avoid tax =D. I give a ~200c discount on the full set. 28k total
please keep this to my other thread though so that james can help chimera here


What happened here?


Curious - do the atlases update in real-time as resources are gathered/mined, or are they a snapshot at the point you put the resource onto the atlas?


You’re in plot view. Press B


Press B to toggle the view. It shows the beacon across the world.


(Currently) they’re updated every 24 hours. This frequency is configurable. There is a pretty aggressive trade off between player bandwidth and resource map accuracy.

We have also explored options for making them realtime for your local environment. But decided we would release this version to help players today, and then review if we wanted to the do the additional work to make them update in realtime later.

The dense resource maps (copper, iron, coal, etc) feel like they don’t need to be realtime, but the sparser resource maps could more easily be out-of-date.

Atlas update

I’m trying to explore Solum to fill out my atlas, and regions don’t seem to be discoverable. I’ve been moving through undiscovered territory for 15 minutes or so…


take a look at the top of your screen. It says “Northwest of ???”, so you need to head southeast. Once you touch the actual region, instead of being close to it, the region and surrounding area will all be revealed on the atlas!