Auto trigger issue

Made the mistake of using my storage cabinets again today. Wrecked my home again.

:anger: :angry:


Not sure what I’m looking at?

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I think this is about auto hold action bug.

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Not familiar with this bug, but your room resembles my apartment after a hard sneeze.

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You’re looking at (some of) the random lattice chiseling that happened to my build when i closed my storage interface and started swinging the tool in my hand as I turned around and ran across my pavilion before i realized the tool was swinging.

This bug has gotten worse not better over time and while this is a known issue which makes this thread “blowing off a little steam” it’s also not something that should be ignored or left at a low priority, it’s gotten SUPER frustrating.

Especially when it requires rebuilding sections of your build or tearing out more stuff in order to reproduce details layered into the build.

Luckily this time it was chisels not a hammer or an axe again, so it looks like an easy fix. But there was more to be done than just what’s shown in the pic and but it’s not any less important nor does it provide any less frustration.

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I think this is PC only and mouse only related bug about how game or OS is handling reading of state of mouse. Idk would it be possible to flush state when exiting Inventory or any other Menu.


There’s some correlation with this issue and changing focus between boundless and other applications. Has anyone seen this issue when not running boundless in windowed mode?

Yes this can happen after you exit any menu or in game dialog/interface. It’s especially bad with storage as you tend to be shift-clicking in there (I think) but it happens with the game menus, shop stands, request baskets, any storage, beacon interface, machine interfaces, anything.

So many times I end up with blocks that I can’t even find where they came from, or stumble across unrepaired damage at a later time. You can hit a mesh and break blocks inside walls or behind things if your tool is AoE. Etc …

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It’s client prediction mumbo jumbo, right? Can client prediction not be programmed to predict that a user would not be committing actions right after exiting a menu? Haha

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I’ve never had this happen - I wonder what causes it. I’m on PC & sometimes windowed, sometimes not.

what CPU do you have @majorvex ? (I wonder if it is single threaded?)


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wew. no idea then

Is it possibly mouse/peripheral/laser related?

I assume this is reference to a long ago conversation? No matter I’m fully on board now. Redundant checks to clear any state/input, whatever it takes. This has gone from being an occasional annoyance (for me) to a continuous state of paranoia.

And the moment I forget, get in a hurry, or whatever (I ran out of chisel on a job and came back to craft some more, totally focused on something else and didn’t think to unequip all or change to grapples or a spanner or something) I’m repairing my build again.

I’ve had the issue with a logitech mouse and logitech keyboard. I’ve also had the issue with a steelseries mouse and corsair keyboard.


I changed what I was using earlier when I was having block placement/bumping issues and it seems fine now.

what OS do you have @majorvex ? win10? or something older?

win 10 - why do you ask

I play 100% windowed only fullscreen for the occasional screenshot.

Generic R/F wireless mouse and keyboard, I switch between 2 sets but it happens regardless. It’s definitely not because my mouse button is physically stuck down.