Best Items to Chrysomint?


I’ve read from some early patch notes that the price the Chrysmint offers changes over time.
Are there any items at the moment that are worth ditching with a reasonable value? Found thorns near my base that are 1 hit with cheap tools and sell for 0.4 each that seems the best I’ve found though I can only find them in small batches.


Growth is still ok i guess.
Also rock and stone has same value so you get exp first from turning rock to stone


I think mud gives 0.5 per block? (Or did I dream that?)


I think the best was growth.

Find yourself a shimmering orb farm and go to town with an AOE shovel and regen bombs :sweat_smile:


Growth is the best atm I think, and it gives you shimmering orbs too which are pretty valuable. Check out the clip here. The tools are gem level, but still fairly cheap (2k). If you can’t 1-hit with the topaz shovel there are diamond versions in the mud, gravel and ash farms for the same price.

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It doesn’t, or didn’t. I think it’s 0.05c


Ah, I must have had a dream!


Isn’t corruption pretty good too?


If you have a ton of refined stone that you don’t use… I think that gives good coin. Most of us have/had much of it in storage when stone xp was still more of a thing + you get a ton of stone and cole from gem mining so refining them isn’t that a big deal.

Correct me if I am wrong :slight_smile:


Thorns the same value, maybe the values changed, i checked out that place, kind of a weird way to farm, lol,
both are 0.4 each If i remember right
Well i let the secret out. Oh well.


Yup, trung has some nice thorn fields in the rocky deserts. They just drop vital orbs which most people already have in excess so it’s not so useful to farm it.


You get more money if you turn those rocks to stone. 1 rock mints .02c and 1 stone mints .02c, but 18 rock will turn into 50 stone (mass craft)


Minted a little over 103k coins on a trip to the golden fist a couple days ago.

In the end I only took 31 stacks, remember to take a wrench. But I’ve done this twice so far.

I didn’t mint very much before but with the fully coiled minter it’s worth it. If i had been hunting I’d probably still make SEBA though.


SEBA? I don’t understand.


Super Enriched Bonding Agent