Bg3 news ( i still think this should be In General as it has impact on boundless)

Tldr. Not Coming out this year. This could mean we are not getting Major anything this year

Edit. this was moved to off-topic… Wich i highly disagree. This has “anything and everything” To do with boundless.

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Hard to say. It could also be…

It’s not surprising that BG3 isn’t coming out this year, there is a lot more work to do. Hopefully it isn’t rushed, that project looks great so far.

I’m just going to point this out : I’ve been playing Baldur’s Gate 3 in early access, already 30hrs in, and OH BOÏ is it far from done. Previously, I was under the assumption that, like, the first chapter was done proper… and yeah, the level-design is top notch, finished, it looks beautiful, nothing to say about that.

…BUT everything else looks about a year away from being done in terms of polish (they say full release in June 2022, but that looks like a train-wreck date to me), NPCs are glitching doing the T-Bag dance every now and then, cutscenes completely broken, and when they’re working fine, they look as out-dated/robotic/unpolished as in-game cutscenes from WoW in 2012, not even talking about the missing dialogues… and that’s just chapter 1. Chapter 2 isn’t available in EA yet.

POINT IS if we’re going under the assumption that Boundless is going to have a ‘second breath’ ONLY after BG3 is out… well better get your tents ready boys, 'cause we’re gonna be here for a while.



That, and there are like 10 concurrent players lately.

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I’ve been following along with it too, and yeah, I suspect BG3 is what we call here, “in the weeds.” Could possibly be they are even having to endure sustained crunch, in which case I feel very bad for them. :frowning: While some fans are tolerant and understanding, they’re catching heck from others.

It is an extremely ambitious project, and while Swen had a good (or at least humane) idea with staggering work across a number of studios in different time zones, coordinating that many studios working on the same project would seem to me to lend itself to some complications of it’s own. Especially when you’ve got a game where the fanbase is really picky about the franchise, lore and all - they’ve got to keep things consistent, avoid contradictions, in addition to all the technical stuff of course. Some don’t like that they believe it is more like some of the studio’s other work rather than other BG games. And then you have a lot of disagreement among the fans over the choices they see in the direction so far in Act 1 which might be causing more work behind the scenes as they rework based on feedback - difficulty and likeability of the companions being the big ones I’m noticing. Some love the way they’re going, others not. Though if any of them are reading, I’d STRONGLY recommend some sort of difficulty settings or an easier/story mode based on all I’ve read - help make it more accessible to more players, without taking the difficulty away from those who like it. Sounds like that could be in the plan though? I’m very tempted to buy to try out Act 1 now myself but the difficulty holds me back on that, I play more to relax and unwind, I don’t like being frustrated, at least not much.

Anyways, all of this is why I worry we might not even see the update perhaps - after all, if it goes Live, people are bound to have issues not encountered in testing that they will have to provide support for.

I’ll reiterate though - no hard feelings if so, they need to do what they need to do, I’m truly very happy for their own sakes that they got in with Larian, since this will give them at least a couple years of security that they otherwise might not have had. This is their lives, after all. And I want to see BG3 do incredible for their sakes as well - why I gave that feedback above on the difficulty. :slight_smile:

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Honestly, that’s not an issue IMHO, they have an option to use ‘cheat dices’ which I guess have a higher tendeancy to give you above 10 rolls. In 30 hrs, I’ve not had a single roll below 3, and my character is a mage who always has bonuses in intellect, wisdom, etc. Happened quite a number of time to get a 25 roll with a D20 + bonuses. ^^

Plus you often have options to re-roll the dices in certain situations, and you can save/load which is the RPG-equivalent of time-travel, like that time a battle happened which I guess is supposed to be hard, but I loaded back before it started and placed a covenient trail of exploding barrels from where I would start the battle to where the enemy leader would spawn.

One well placed fireball and hilarity ensues.

The only times I have difficulties is when I’m clearly going against enemies a bit too powerful for me, and in some cases, you gotta learn by failure because there are events you can’t predict.

Well I can DEFINITELY understand that. I’ve never played a Baldur’s Gate game before, but BG3 feels 200% like the child of Divinity Original Sin 2. In my book, not a bad thing, but it’s certainly NOT like BG1 or BG2 (which if I remember correctly was 2.5D).
Right now in EA, you can’t have your main character be an ‘Origin Character’ (meaning a character with a backstory, personality, voice, appearance designed by the devs), you have to create your character from scratch, and I think this changes the experience of the game DRASTICALLY. That AND playing solo. Prrrretty sure that when you’re playing with friends, they can intervene during dialogues. When other characters are ‘companions’ you ‘own’, they wait the end of the dialogue to react to what you said, which is a bit sad - makes dialogues very 1-dimensional.

Also, the game was set in High-Ultra graphics quality by default with my 2060 RTX GPU, and the game seems to be getting more and more sluggish as I progress. Not sure if it would all be better is I suddenly set everything to minimal quality, or if it’ll all be better once I install a 3060 RTX GPU. Point is, if you wanna experience BG3 in a good way… might wanna have a GOOD graphics card. ^^

But honestly, wait for the full release to have a better experience, because there’s still a LOT missing.
If you don’t have Divinity Original Sin 2, go play it, though. Fantastic game, best RPG I’ve played, IMHO.

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I’m sorry to say this, but WoW cutscenes still look like this in Shadowlands. It’s a complete joke.

Quick question ? Why are we talking about another game in boundless forums?


Well, it got better with the updated player-models of Warlords of Draenor, which allows the devs to make cutscenes where you see characters from much closer.
But yeah. I would go as far as to say the cutscenes in WoW feel less janky than half of those I saw so far in BG3.
Like, they wanted to show your character holding a book in some cutscenes while you open it and read pages, or have an NPC hold up a necklace with his hand to show it to you, and it all feel… janky. Plus for some reason, after each voiceline an NPC say during a cutscene or dialogue, it’s like the NPC has a huge “BUFFERING FOR NEXT VOICELINE” logo on his face, cause there’s always these awkward silences where the character suddenly stops moving.

I’m sure you know Baldur’s Gate 3 is being worked on by the devs of Boundless instead of them all working on Boundless, HENCE why there’s a reason to talk about BG3.
Now, if you have something interesting to say about Boundless, go ahead.

I’m fully aware of what’s happening I just can’t understand why it needs to be discussed in a forum space that’s not related. I mean sure they are working on it - and not boundless- that’s fine- it’s life. But why the need to saturate a forum for a game we all love and cherish? Seems like the wrong place to discuss it personally but who am I hahahaha

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Why don’t we stop focusing on what’s not happening with updates and just enjoy the game for what it is currently?

Why not rebuild the community with the current platform boundless is currently built on- I’ve personally not noticed any bugs or issues with the core game….


I really need to, I have OS on PS4, played it a bit and liked it. :slight_smile: But just fell into the backlog pile.

I have to say here though too, I absolutely LOVED Divinity II Ego Draconis/FoV. :smiley: Probably in my top 20 games list. HUGE props to the writers at Larian there, they absolutely hit it out of the park on every level, IMO. Story, dialogue, some of the funniest lines in any game…


I actually liked what they did before FoV, leaving it where the bad guys won, you ruined everything.

That said, the line that truly killed me laughing was in FoV, when you confront a burned up Ygerna and have the option to tell her, “Better see an illusionist before trying to get another kiss from Baldy!” :rofl:

From what I played of OS, I see the same, that the writing is really good and funny at times. Larian’s writing is a lot of why I want to try BG3… though, I may have to go into it with the attitude that I’m just going to play evil for the ease and lulz (usually I play good in games aside from theft, but sounds like here it works better evil?).

In this case, the status of BG3 seems very tied to what may happen with Boundless, per James’ comment on them struggling to find time to work on the update. I am getting off topic with the game discussion, but I think in this case the devs might appreciate getting some feedback on it, it is their project and I truly want to see them succeed with it. And I want to give props to Larian on their work. :slight_smile:

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We’re at a point where I’d say “why not talk about it?”
What does it do? Does it hurt the illusion that the game’s situation is all sunshine and rainbows? Reality-check : it’s not, and one morning, we’ll likely have James say “ok guys, in X amount of time, we’ll shut down the servers”
There’s almost nothing going on in Boundless aside from people saying “welp, I’m bored, bye” or people going “hey look, I made a thing, the game is not dead you guys!!!”.
There is a legitimate reason to have a talk about BG3, as explained already. You don’t want to talk about it, nobody is forcing you, so please don’t try to force people to stick their heads in the sand if they don’t want to. Not like we’re talking about it everywhere.

Unlike a lot of other games, it looks like going evil is a proper path where you gain more power the more you rely on Ilithid powers to resolve some situations. So if anything, there is re-playability, there.

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Totally agree with feedback, all I’m saying is that every time I come to the forums to read up on what’s happening in boundless regarding, events, new build concepts, marathons it seems like every forum post is off topic and to be honest not relevant to boundless. I’m not having a go directly at anyone :heart: I just think that people need to understand that currently right now the game needs players, and a forum that showcases boundless for what it is- not what it might be in the future. Not a place for people shredding the devs, or adding their 2 cents hahah.

We all say boundless is a community but I can’t find anything worth reading on the forums this past year that yells community anymore.


It’s great if some people can enjoy a game like Boundless forever with no updates and such. But you gotta register that for a lot of other people, there has to be updates to make the game relevant.
It’s not OUR fault if people are leaving the game.

Theirs no denying what is happening, it’s about maintaining relevant topic conversations in the right place. It’s simple- if it’s boundless related it belongs on the forums - if it’s BG3 or destiny or WOW for a example head to those forums.
That’s all I have to say :heart: you all :peace_symbol: out little oortians

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Totally agreed here - the dev team has my absolute respect, gratitude, and support regardless of the outcome here. Actually, bringing up the BG3 situation may help to build some understanding and sympathy for them among Boundless fans, IMO. Without the context of the situation, easy to see how fans could be very hurt here by the silence and lack of attention to a number of things.

In the light of the fact that they are Larian now, that BG3 HAS to be their priority and they might have more work than they can handle, that they are answering to another boss - it can change the view of the situation entirely.

Just a word of warning.

As James said about the Larian Forums, Boundless is nothing to do with Larian. Likewise, even though our developers are now working on BG3, feedback, props or other discussion about the state of BG3 should be taking place on their forum, not this one.


Have we ever considered that people are leaving the game because we create an image that the game is dead? Maybe all the negativity on the forums is causing more issues….