Boon removal bug?

After using the Boon Removal Solvent, for some reason it did not fully remove the 1st boon, it drained all the points out of it, kept it and added the points into a 2nd boon. This is the 2nd time this has happened to me. Most of the time this doesn’t happen

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what is the exact description in the solvent?
I’m pretty sure that’s its intended function…
I do recall there being a solvent that changes it to something else, that’s the one I would probably lean towards using (this is the one I tested with on testing)


as its states, it is suposed to REMOVE the boon. not leave in the list

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heh that timing :stuck_out_tongue: i just logged in and checked myself.

yes, that description is a little vague.

I would consider this to be a bug.

[edit] yeah, I would expect to see the first boon gone, and all points sent back to the vertical bar and the 2nd one moved down to the first slot with its loaded points intact.

How this works is it removes the last Boon applied IF the last Boon applied has 1,000 Boon Points or less already added to it.

Let’s say I have Devastating Damage Level 3. Boon Removal Solvent 2 will remove it because it takes less than 1,000 Boon Points to get to level 3. But if I use Boon Removal Solvent 2 on Devastating Damage Level 9, it will remove 1,000 Boon Points from it and leave it at a lower level.

I’ve encountered this for a long while. This is /probably/ a bug though, although the description could simply be incorrect or misleading.

@james Is this a bug, or a misleading description?

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yeah, it does say 100% of the points so, even if the boon is level 7 or 8, it “should” remove it completely I would expect

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Even if that was the case.

Since in this picture I only used one draining compound 2, it is impossible for me to have more then 1000 boon points, in the boon i tried to remove.

Round 0 Special Gum
Round 1 Special Gum
Round 2 Special Gum
Round 3 Draining Comp
Round 4 Boon Removal

is all that was done before the screenshot was taken

How high was your first roll? Do you have any idea how many points went into the first Boon before you used the Solvent?

I do not remember the fine details, but i want to say around the 65% area

This happens to me every day. It’s total garbage pls fix.

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This has happened a few more times to me today.

In this video you can see it happen when I remove to remove the 3rd boon in the 1st part of the video
and in 2nd part of the video, you can see me trying to get it to happen again when i use the boon removal over and over again, and it doses on the 5th time.


I had this very same issue. Doesn’t always happen though. Once every 10 tools forged, but it doesn’t remove the “potential boon” and jumps to the next one.

Thanks for the reports. It’s been added to the bug database for someone to look into.


I just ran into this myself, couldn’t get the booms off completely so ended up salvaging a very average diamond hammer, if you’re doing it after the first round it really should be a no brainer

+1 this happens to me all the time. Feel like the trigger is losing window focus while a solvent is burning but haven’t verified.

I don’t think this haves anything to do with it. i have it happen regardless of the window state of the game.

Also this bug is starting to become common enough to the point its creating problems and ruining forges, it used to be uncommon.

I second this. Its ruined 4 forges today. Totally gave up on it for the afternoon cause im tired of wasting mats. Plz fix this soon.

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I’ve run into this about 50% of the time while trying out forging on the test server. I’ve had it happen both on the first trait and on the second trait.

I’ve been using Boon Boost Paste and Pure Boon Compound 3; I’m not sure if using those together increases the odds of this happening.

If this happens 50% of the time on live, it’s going to be very annoying.

you can avoid it by using boon removal 1

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I see this was noted by a Dev on Nov, 18th. It’s now Feb, 15th, any progress on this bug?
It’s happened to me several times over the last few days. Sometimes a 2nd boon removal fixes it but not always. In any case, I can’t afford the vigor costs to do this multiple times without even the chance at another boon.

I hadn’t even started playing when this issue was reported, I’m afraid I’d have quit by now had I been. Sorry, just frustrated.