Boundless United - Apply Inside -

It’s been talked about a few times now in a few different threads.
Figured we should have a thread just for it by now :+1:

Somewhere everyone came together to make a place newer players could see the existing population and with it, see a reason to stay themselves.

Think Old Ultima when it was on Finata. It was a busy place for a while and imo, that was the most fun i had in boundless.

What’s YOUR thoughts on a centralized capital for the boundless verse?


Sounds like a good idea. :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

FWIW … I’ve got a School (which I was intending to become somewhat of a hub for all things learning) on Sochaltin I, which is currently managed to somehow make me the warden of the old Grandeur settlement. So if you want to base it around or near to that, then I’d be more than happy to relinquish it.

That being said, it might be better to find the planets with the largest concentrations of currently active players, then plonk it on the planet that’s slap bang in the middle of those.


I think the pre-planned gridded cities are nice, but don’t work so well for the general community or new players. The roads take up too much real estate and players have to run too far to get anywhere. Then you end up with a nice, big ghost town.

Organic cities and growth seem to appeal to most more. That’s how Ultima grew so big. There was a central area and a nice mix of shops, portals, builds, bases, etc. They would expand streets and paths to keep up with new builds and areas, as they appeared.

They also kept expanding their portal area so that anyone could connect to it. It wasn’t confined or small.


Quite. :smirk:

The rest of what vex said made me realise that you’re basically just talking about a city, @Solaire. Albeit a city with a slight purpose … and there’s plenty of cities already. Hmmm. :thinking:

That running thing is for real a pain in the ■■■■ … especially if you’re not fast/have portals/know your way around.


Is there a city that would support a “move in” of sorts for players to congregate?
but yeah, basically just a organic city. I agree the pre-planned has issues.

Aka- How do we achieve Old Ultima again? :man_shrugging:


I would love too oh wait I’m on T6 :laughing:

But I’ll like to add Glitch City Run by @noniethepup is probably the best city for what you speak of for new players and expansion far and beyond


There are a lot of cities across the universe that players have put a lot of work into. Beautiful builds, shopping zones, etc. People might be hesitant to contribute to a new project. Perhaps instead of building out the entire area ahead of time, as most projects have done, it should be allowed to grow organically beyond the central hub zone.

If it becomes a popular/fun/helpful area that people want to settle near though, it would be worth it for existing places to connect to. They’d get more traffic and footfall. Maybe some new settlers.

Perhaps there could be an area for city portals that have ample room for signage next to them. That way people can see what they have to offer oortizens or what events/sales they have going on.


I think a good way to achieve what you’re saying this would be an initial, large, build that is an amalgam of the DKMALL/HOST(future)/Compass Hub concept. So ‘circular’ or square.

Then to also perhaps not restrict anyone that wants to build there in terms of size/shape, etc … but place a caveat that if they do go over a certain size to allow a road beacon through the middle of it at ground/whatever level.

That way you can ensure that portalling by anyone that wants to from that central hub, are directionally relevant, and/or relevant to the way that the compass is pointing to in the example of buying stuff. It also then still allows the organic nature. If the hub needs to expand, just go up/down some more. :slight_smile:

EDIT - I also think naming it something like “NEWBTOPIA” would really help.


would be nice if it was built on some interesting terrain and in caves, not just all on 1 plane.



Although we can fashion caves. :wink:


Sounds good, just make it look interesting, not pre-plotted grids and no 3 plot wide roads


Ovis, I bet that we could come up with some cool way of integrating the travellator in to this … but by heck the cost of trampolines, eh?


The cost would be worth it!


Great idea


I feel like we are getting closer to a vision here :+1:

Any ideas for a location? Mainly a planet in mind?

Off topic - For endgame players everyone is Welcome to expand on Cookie Kingdom I’m building Door ways that lead into the Surrounding Cave system and would start building bridges off topic if your a Krazy :cookie: like me lol

Ok back on subject I would love to contribute a build if this happens


Reminds me a bit about EA days Where In the end we had around 20 players but still the central spots were moebius plaza / aquatopia / therka market.

We had great time even tough we didnt have many players but cause everyone knew the central “well if someone is online… Just check moebius plaza”. Those were the days. I miss it.


Well, like I say, you’re more than welcome to build a hub around / under the Boundless School on Sochaltin I.

It already has a tunnel that could be rebuilt into a central hub, and everyone else has moved away, it’s on a lump of land near the edge of a landmass, then on the otherside is lots of ocean. There are still a few stragglers from the old Grandeur city … but they’re dropping away bit by bit.

Would be nice to find Deathless, though, they have a few plots that are just doing nothing, not even built on.

Sochi doesn’t really have many mountains, though. And it rains a lot XD.


I wish the same thing for a new Boundless " community made " Trailer :laughing:

Maybe @PixelatedTwix can do a montage and submit it to the Dev Team , she have made great vids and podcasts :+1:


I have a million thoughts on this but I’ll just slap a few down…

  1. Please do this.

  2. I’m going to finish the HSE guild hall exterior (interior can wait) before I build there. If the worst case should happen and we lose the game, I’ll at least have screenies and vids of my finest work to cherish forever. Should legitimately be done fairly soon.

  3. I like @majorvex idea of a dev-controlled capital planet. Since that isn’t going to happen, I say we do the next best thing and come to a [very] soft agreement on beacon sizes for established players. We will tell new players about this but not police anyone.

  4. As also mentioned, pre-planned cities aren’t quite as fun, however there is one major measure we can take to avoid a total mess, a la Kindred Bay. The center of the city should be pre-planned, held by the most committed players, and should mostly be public amenities with no real wasted space. Roads should extend out in each direction and end at different kinds of public works (already have a list of ideas in mind) that will have potential for future expansion from there. The roads should be empty except where temporary plots are needed for compactness until new players settle those roads. I’ve seen a lot of apprehensive people choose not to settle somewhere because roads were cut off and/or they didn’t know where they were allowed to settle.

  5. This whole idea fits pretty perfectly with a recent thread about a “UN” of sorts, perhaps UW for United Worlds and I could certainly expand on the possibilities there.

  6. If what I wrote above comes across as an attempt to control this in any way- I promise it isn’t. I’ve just seen what works and doesn’t work with a handful of cities over the last 3 years and have a lot of wisdom to share :grin::+1: