Boundless School

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Pretty simple, going to build a building (but it might not get used much) in Grandeur to be:

Boundless School

This won’t be an overly complicated affair (because I’m dumb as pig ■■■■), but, essentially, it’ll be:

  • A pool of volunteers with knowledge (or not)
  • A load of newbies that don’t know a thing or two

Then we’ll just have folks run a short course as an introduction to a given subject, in an interactive fashion.

Like I say, I’m not going to over think this, if folks would like to learn something, they can post in the thread, then however many others that would like to join in, can. Everyone will just work out via a doodle or some ■■■■ when they can make it. :slight_smile:

Not going to be getting out the spreadsheets on this one, folks. :wink:

Happy to think about additional stuff that can be done, though, to make this as open and available to others. Because it can be hard being new in this game. :slight_smile:

The only thing I insist on is that students must be able to learn by doing stuff in this school. No parrot fashion BS, no “read this”, no homework.

Turn up … do the thing … get a * basic * idea of it … naff off. Job done. Bob’s your mother’s brother. :+1:

Here’s an image of the school that I’m going to base the build on. (it won’t be to scale).

old image


I’m what? Lol :joy:


Your alt is your mother’s brother :rofl:

Complicated family business i see


I’ve been meaning to check if the people in charge of the Storis II Welcome Center are, but you could consider at least getting a portal from there, since I believe some number of new players are directed there for some tutorial assistance.

Eventually, I want to build a number of tutorial areas, and have planned to at least get them linked up to the welcome center.


I have been there, but it seemed to be abandoned for a few months now. Was kinda surprised to find a forging school there since that was around the time i started learning forging myself.


For what it’s worth, I think I’m going to try to build a version of the school in SCHOOL NURSE FILES … :sweat_smile:

Replete with the hole monster, of course.

I just came across that yesterday for the first time; mah pockit were full tho and I was looking for something.

Hiding gleam school would be a decent one now lighting school is gone, when I came back had to drag up a very very old forum post which explained it

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Brown Town’s to do list includes a range of schools, chiselling, forging, lighting and many more. Hoping to get it all up and running in the first half of this year.


Perhaps this can be used as somewhat of a schoolhub, then, as I noticed a couple of other dead threads out there.

Obviously it’d be great for it to still be a place to meet for actual lessons from volunteers … but it’d be good to do as much as possible (as easily as possible).

Oh … I found a image, too.

How I’m going to fit that in I don’t know :sweat_smile:

To quote one of the greatest films ever … The wheels sure do turn slow round here …

Yeah … but they do turn.

More …

I need to make the windows all the same colour, but … getting closer to something that can be torn apart and played with.

Purples innit …

Theresa Green

Gimme Shelter!

Enlightened with a pole


Schoolhub… or… the first established Oortian Univeristy?
Oortvard? Oortford? Oortbridge?


Open Oortiversity … cos I is well stupid, innit. :smiley:

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There’s a forger’s lane now that I’m all sorts of happy about, we totally could use a hub somewhere for schools or at least a “bookshop” sort of thing for location tokens for schools.

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I think location tokens might work best as there can just be a huge ton of them. Naming conventions would be the most perfect, but is a bit of an ask … But, like you say, it’s the easiest way to have multiple tutorial links.

I know many people have put up examples of “how to” here and there, would be nice to catalogue that. :slight_smile:

EDIT - Switched convo with Solgato to DM to save the subject constantly updating.

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I started making an atlas/blocks/tokens library, but I’m a slow builder, putting the tokens with an atlas in a storage cube at eye level to gaze into and the materials filling the rest of the column of storage cubes was how i was doing it but it was set up for me to use hence in the cubes, no stacks so i would see the information without opening the stack. i could put on a whole sleww of locations for wherever i was going and burn a replacement set before heading out.

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What planet is it on?