Boundless Universal Trade Tracker help (Resolved!)

So we have been trying to use the Boundless Universal Trade Tracker system to find prices and set up with multitasking around everywhere. I have noticed however that a lot of the information we particularly have been looking for or planets haven’t seemed to have been updated for a week or more. If I am reading the information correctly.

So I had an idea.

I am not tech savvy by any means, but if someone can help me set up the scanner and harvester I would more then happily move my Oorty butt from planet to planet and do the scans while I am working and my son does his schooling, at least once or twice a day. <3

I would be doing ALL Planets and ALL Items.

Thank you in advance. <3

@Mayumichi and @Simoyd would be the people that most likely can get you set up :slight_smile:

The next update is going to include a way to get prices way easier though (no need for clients etc), which i think is the reason not many people are using BUTT atm. But we don’t know when this update will come and since i’m a PS4 player, i really appreciate any person scanning, as i’m not able to!.


I saw that and we figured that might be the reason not many updates had been done. However, I myself would still love to help at least until the that update goes live. Even if its only for a few days. :3

My son plays on PC due to limitations, my husband and myself are PS4 players, Dreyma plays on both systems and has also offered to help as well. Since my son does his classwork while I am working I figured I could hop on my account or his and get all the players some new data :smiley:

We can always use more people scanning :slight_smile:

Main information for scanning can be found in the BUTT main thread:

What you have to do:

  1. Make sure to be on a Windows 10 PC. Windows 7 appears to cause problems and other operating systems (like Linux or Mac) will make it hard or even impossible to run.
  2. Download the 2 programs linked under points 1 and 2 in the linked thread.
  3. Get the seleted SelectedItems.xml from the thread (bottom of main post) or create your item list yourself once price harvester is started.
  4. Execute price harvester and follow program instructions. It needs to reroute your Boundless traffic through it.
  5. Execute Price Sync
  6. Run around the planets. Scanning can take some time before switching to next planet. Program will tell you when you can do so.

I know @Mayumichi has been working on an automated version that won’t need people scanning once the Shopping API gets to live.

Thank you for this. Me and my horrible tech skills are on it!

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I did see that as well!

I think I have done everything right… Any idea how long this should be processing?
Cause it’s been a while XD

The full item list can take several minutes depending on connection it can take longer. On planets which I have a bad connection to it takes forever and I usually skip those. For me that is Australia and recently US west servers more often as well.

I haven’t even gotten to that part yet. It had mr make sure my game was closed and it says processing. It’s been at it for a while now. Under the I guess Host, tab?

Just says Preforming lookup: and cycling through numbers.

Then something is wrong. That step should just take a second. Tested it some minutes ago and loads fast using automatic mode.
I Never experienced such an issue myself. Perhaps someone in the Price Harvester thread can help.

I don’t know what it is doing, and there is no error.
Honestly, knowing me and my lack of computer skills…
It is probably some kind of operator error. For now I shall sleep and fight with it when I wake.

Thank you though!

When u launch the price harvester right click and run as administrator

If you are scanning the pre filled full list it can take like 30mins per planet

I did that since when I opened normally it had a section up at the top saying it didn’t have admin privileges. I first chose the automatic setting and the Processing under the ‘Host’ section just kept going, so I closed and tried to do the manual option and it does the same thing.

I never get to the actual scanning of any planets v.v

Expand this image for the solution

Thank you!

It looks like it is working now, just tested a few items really quick. Does PriceSync need to be running at the same time?

Sorry for all the questions, and I really appreciate the help!

At least scanner side… :3


Yes PriceSync is the part that sends the scanned data to BUTT, if you don’t run it, the data will stay in your local folder and not be uploaded to the website.

Really hoping we get the API soon so manual scanning will be a thing of the past :slight_smile:

@Dreyma pretty much said screw it and just ran them both and it worked so we have been busy updating for everyone <3

We know it’s not super fast and amazing… But we have completed 8 planets in last 2 hours. <3

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