Price Harvester

EDIT: This utility is defunct because the shopping API exists.

I made a utility to export buy and sell orders across multiple planets quickly. Basically you find items in the knowledge base, then click add. Once your items are added, go from planet to planet and wait for the ding before you go to the next planet. Once you’re done, run the go.bat file to concatenate your results. Delete the temp dir to reset your results.

Not described in the video: There’s also a “save planet json” checkbox. This just saves the world data json into a file when you look at a new planet portal (for those planet explorers among us).



Use at your own risk. There are security implications for your data. You accept these if you use the utility.

Let me know if you have any issues.


I don’t have BL on PC myself, but I hope the “ding” sound is like a toaster :stuck_out_tongue:


This seems promising!

Have you thought about EVE-like market aggregation?

Simply put, before EVE had a global market API, players would run a client on their PC while playing. All the market orders the client saw, were uploaded to a central database to be searchable by the whole playerbase :slight_smile:


Damn you…is my issue. Why am i using ps4 when your making awesome stuff for the pc… awesome job as allways

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Elite dangerous has the same thing. It’s a lot of work and I don’t have time to maintain that. I’m hoping something smaller like this I can maintain.

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Is the traffic reading part open source? Or could it send the data to a custom destination to be aggregated?

This client will be made open source, once I have a chance to clean it up a bit. You could then add whatever you like.

Keep in mind the in-game “scanner” does not include color information, forge information, damage, augments, items in atlases, coordinates/names of tokens, etc. So having the very basic data centralized isn’t super duper valuable.

If you’re looking for a basic price check, it takes less than 10 minutes to use this client and gather the prices for the universe. Then you know you’ve got the latest data, instead of data that’s days old.

I get that PS4 people can’t use this. But yeah it’ll be open source at some point (no promises) then you’re welcome to do whatever you like with it.

Is it possible to create a phone app or that’s not something you do/would want to do?

Good to know. So even in the best scenario it’s just price checking basic stuff then :thinking:

Its a shame i cant just use a ipad or any tablet and just use. Or can i?

Do you happen to have a list of valid item IDs? I’d like to manage the search list without having to knowledge base check each item every time. Such that I can make drop in shopping lists and such or scan everything for a data dump.

Great work on this, its super helpful.

This is the reason I bought all of your tools last night, lol.

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Thx and i cannot refill for 2 weeks yet. But i guess people will come back once full again…

You still have lots of good deals. I just needed bulk titanium tools for a dig out im working on. Thanks for that!

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Maybe i should sell some cheap aoe titanium stuff when my gf gets better…some times using good bombs work good…


I don’t have enough time to do all this sadly :frowning:

nope, sadly.

Nope, strechious might have some method, I’m not sure. I know fuzzy was just manually enabling and disabling item IDs manually on BT.

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Just wanted to report back that this is still awesome.

I’ve written my own application that does all sorts of crazy helpful things thanks to this data.

So yeah, I can find the cheapest price for any item in game which is great. But there are some other interesting concepts that can come from this.

For one example, one of my output files I find super helpful works as follows:

First I calculate the median price of all items in game. Then I crawl output.csv for the shops that belong to me. I then produce an output file which contains all my shop stands that are not priced in line with market and include suggested price changes. This makes managing a large shop super smooth. I do not need to keep track of my prices or stock manually.

Thanks again for you efforts on this, I find it game changing.


I made a public google spreadsheet from the data this app provides. Anyone can add data, it has a search feature, I’ve started tracking a lot of the items and I try to visit all the t1-3 planets at least once a day.

Boundless PriceHarvester Data - Google Sheets

I know it’s not shinny and pretty, but it gets the job done!


Thank you so much for this!

I was reading it backwards at first, and I can’t seem to change items, but I’m still glad somebody built it.

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This has been a learning process!
First learning SQL query language that google sheets uses!
Then all the limits that google sheets has :frowning:
And I so wanted it to be a community project that people could chip in and help on
But the struggle with the time being localized is just :roll_eyes: and the data expiring at midnight was horrible

So I can only keep the current scan’s data available, as I do and upload a new scan that will wipe the previous scans data from the sheet and replace it with the new.

I will try to do a scan or 2 a day, but hopefully this helps someone!

If there is something I’m not tracking on the sheet let me know and I can add that item, if you see something that I’m tracking that I really shouldn’t be let me know too! I’m new to the game so I really don’t know a lot yet, but I needed this.

I just wish it could track color and stuff like AOE :frowning: but that I think has more to do with the game programing than anything else!