Brown Town Pixel Art Competition

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Good day, Oortians!

Inspired by last year’s competition that @DKPuncherello ran, we’ve decided to run another, but on our creative planet!

Come on over and create a two dimensional masterpiece! Doesn’t matter if you’re a great artist or not - come along and have some fun! It’s on Helgen, our creative planet - you can fly, you take no damage, and you have access to unlimited resources!!

You can reach the planet from the Brown Town hub:

First Place: 1,000,000 coins
Second Place: 500,000 coins
Third Place: 250,000 coins

I’ve built a long, wide road to build at either side of, and I will place a 2x3 portal directly outside your build when you’re done, leading to the little hub there. All I ask is that you respect other players - so be aware of anyone else who’s plotted beside you, and don’t build anything that goes against Boundless CoC :slight_smile:

Event will end on July 13th (which is when last year’s event ended, also the 1 year anniversary of Brown Town Hunts)

Have I missed anything? Most likely.

OH YEAH - it’s a 10 person planet, but I don’t expect that many people to be building at the same time - last year’s event was super popular and there was only ever 5 or less people building at the same time :stuck_out_tongue:

If 2D art is too challenging/not challenging enough/ for you, or you just want to build even more, TNT are doing creative event too. Go and join our awesome friends over there and build a 3D statue:


alright, I’ll start with a silly question: does it have to be a single layer of pixels, or can it be something that looks like a single layer of pixels?


You mean, like a line? Haha! If it looks artistic, go for it hahaha!

Though, you’re right, I should have stipulated minimum sizes, before all you trolls come over and build a 1x1 pixel pixel-art. I’m talking to you, @Kokuma :wink:

I’m not gonna state a minimum size, and just assume everyone’s gonna play nice and sensibly. @Bethlehem can kick any builds that are in the way/against CoC/single pixels haha!

I just want people to come and have some fun!


OH, I get what you mean - answer: go crazy!


I mean, you should’ve expected my pixel pixel-art question when I’ve done this before :stuck_out_tongue:


HA! Totally forgot about that!!


You better behave yourself or i’ll smack your butt


Is there a theme? Or can it be anything?

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No theme, just go make something pretty :smiley:

…or ugly :smiley:


2-dimensionalized brown refined gleam towers all the way across the sky, got it.



Please please don’t - @Bethlehem would take your soul hahaha


Good God, no. Loathe.


Say whhhhhaaaaaa we can use blocks as pixels.

Ooo does this qualify oortian finger paintings.

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@ Brown Town awesome! i wish i had the creativity to do something like this
such a awesome community that makes the gameplay an awesome experience

@Dubbanz is good at this check his shop at the future!

just kidding bro i love you :heart:


You should do something and call it the many faces of HOST

Are the criteria for “best” just whatever you and Beth like the most?

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I have a few judges, that are not affiliated with Brown Town. I’ll announce them at some point :slight_smile:

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Stevie and I won’t be judging. We will be coaxing some reputable, unaffiliated judges.

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Sounds good!

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Is it just strictly pixel art or like dks contest can we do decoration in front of the artwork aswell ?

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