Bug opening warp in sanctum with persistent error message thrown on top-right of screen

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Used my totem to create a warp on Serpensarindi while in sanctum, then attempted to open the warp using the warp conduit in sanctum. Doing so threw an error on the top of my screen. The message starts with: “Missing portal connection WarpSrc_playerstart_other…” (see screenshot below for full message) Hovering over the warp gives the message: “Waiting for warp to respond.”

Had to quit to get rid of the error message. The warp location had vanished upon restarting.

The same thing is happening to me. I can’t for the life of me join a world. I’m locked out of my base on Lutrion and I’m slowly beginning to regret my purchase.

I love this game, what is the problem here? So far I’ve tried:

  • Clearing the caches in Steam and UserApps
  • Restarting the game a hundred times
  • Thinking impure thoughts

Nothing is working…

Edit: The portal just opened… I was Idle in the Sanctum for about 5 minutes.

This shouldn’t be a normal thing. I understand the challenges of game design (I’m terrible at coding) but this is no longer Alpha.

What should I do in the future?

Just gonna add this here…

Welp, I got a good 5 minutes or so of gameplay in after waiting in the Sanctum (see above) and I finally decided it was time to try a new planet.

Within a minute of stepping through the portal the server crashed with an Illegal Protocal message.

Why oh why? Any kind of info from the developers would be great. I’m not mad or anything, just a little let down…

Sounds like we had the same issue @Bryethewizard. I also didn’t lose the warp augment that should have been used up when opening that warp. I use the totem often to jump to remote areas of planets, and this has only ever happened once, so perhaps it’s an uncommon issue. Hopefully the devs are aware of it at least.

This sounds like it’s probably a different error than what I encountered. I have been hit with the Illegal Protocol error before, but don’t remember the circumstances under which it happened. You may have better luck sifting around the forums for that error or you could also post a new topic.

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Well I can only hope that the devs are aware. Boundless is really something special, but that’s not much good if it has game breaking bugs.

I probably will search the forums some more later, but I honestly don’t have the heart for it now.

Perhaps someone can link a “known bugs” list.

What we have done here, will be where the devs look. They have changed the way bugs are listed due to the difficulty of trying to read through a single long thread about each bug found and different peoples issues with them. This way when someone has a similar problem they’re all in “one” place. Which is why i linked my thread to this one :wink:

I didn’t dig much but I found these two recent threads regarding your issue:

In both cases, the devs personally responded to the player.