Can anyone explain-a-da-Farming?

So… it seems rather wonky to me, and can’t quite put my finger on it.

If I plant 100 “things”:

-Some will sprout to “Ready to Harvest” in minutes
-Some will stay at same “growth cycle” for quite some time, and not move the bar

So, each time a “thing” goes to the next “Growth cycle”… is it a saving-roll that determines if it grows to next step or not? And some of them just get lucky and win all the rolls to “Ready to harvest” on first tick? That would mean, that it can lose those rolls, and not go to the next growth cycle… staying at same height forever.

It leads to some of my fields looking like a mishmash of High and low plants, even tho they all planted at same time, EVEN if I wait for days, some just will not advance. (and all fertalized)

What’s actually going on here? anyone gots the deets?

I know there’s one with extensive goo related stuff. @wakeNbake and @Firehazurd I think are the ones that worked on that stuff. I don’t have the links for those but one of them I’m sure could help

It is this exactly. Hence the randomness of your results. Fertilizer is like your fate paste, lol.

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Thx, I have looked over all that. but it doesnt explain why THIS happens:

All these planted at the same time, always fertilized, and this poor little guy in the front looks like he just got planted… and says same “Maturity timer” as a newly planted crop

Just didnt know if anyone knew the actual mechanics behind why things like this happen. Did this liitle guy lose all his rolls? when are the rolls done? Why is he so bad? Is there a roll that decided whether a plant keeps fertilzed? Does that happen before or after the “Grow to next stage” roll?

ah, i see! I figured fertilizer was just a “time cut” that cuts the amount of time it takes to do next roll.

Do you have any source for figures or chances/timings of these rolls by chance?

I believe the fertilzed “state” can be lost each and every time it “rolls” to decide if it proceeds to the next state.

So the estimated time you see is based on the probability of success at each step.

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No… but if I was much better at maths I’m sure it could be calculated based on the estimated times you see at each step. Someone smarter than me may have done this already, but I haven’t seen the information.

One thing I do occasionally is I only fertilize the plants that aren’t matured. I never bother fertilizing them all… and barely even remember to fertilize the stragglers. But this is mainly just because I do harvest my farms so infrequently that they are usually all matured by the time I do.

You do retrieve your seed if you harvest before it matures. So I usually just harvest with my 3x3 wood axe and too bad if I get a few that weren’t matured.


Very useful, thx! I kinda figured it was something like this. It basically does a tick for light/block/growth/fert check or something… i guess i dont need to know the specifics, as long as I know the general rules im good


MAYBE… the number i would really be interested in is the “Go to next growth step” roll. As it seems there is a bonus roll that if it wins, it auto goes to next step, then rolls again. and can actually win all those rolls to the end on one growth tick.

Doesnt happen a lot, as it shouldn’t… should be like winning the lotto i guess, but i have seen plants just planted pop to fully harvest after what would be the “First tick”

Well that is most definitely interesting if true, I’ve never actually paid that much attention to them growing to be honest. Unfortunately though… you can do zilch to influence this. Although perhaps it means lots of “micro-farms” could be useful and you can harvest/replant those that hit maturity on a single tick. The giant, planet spanning farms, really just require you to harvest the lot at maximum speed on a regular basis as this alone is time consuming enough without checking each plant individually several times a day.

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Ya, I figured there might be a way to take advantage of it, but realistically… if you just leave the plant that failed there, it has just as much of a chance to do it next tick as if you pull it up and re-plant.

Was wishful thinking i suppose =P

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Check jiviitas video about it. Maybe easier tp understand?

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haha, yeah I was clutching for any possible way to utilise that little tidbit of information you gave me there… but nope unfortunately not. As with many things in this game a brute force approach is generally the best approach.

JUST planted all these:

1 went all the way to “Ready to Harvest”
some went no where, look like they just planted
some went 1 growth cycle, some went 2

Very interesting! =D

When I did farm I gave the inorganics an extra few days and that way they were all ready.
To make life easier for more frequent harvests I planted each row and harvested each row one day apart.

Also this might be helpful

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Heres the thing I noticed Its like when you plant any plant in a block space it will either be small or it will be big but everytime you place it it will be predetermined. What Ive noticed with farming daily is if you plant a plant or goo whatever in a certain spot if it grows slowly it will always grow slowly there. I think like the regular plants its just predetermined in that block. Often times I skip those block (have them marked) and plant around them if looking for speed grow.

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If I could, I’d love to do a time-lapse over 5 days of 100 kindling, to see what happens in real time :clock1:

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@Crete There is only one thing that explains what you are seeing with the maturing at different rates: RNG!

Made the math once for the sentinel crests there, maybe itll help you :wink:

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@FireAngelDth @Envyv77 I’ve been playing about a week. Any more useful sites like the farming data one? I found the trading site and boundlesscrafting as well, very useful.