[Closed] Universal capital city

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It hasn’t,but it sounds good right. Made it myself

I like it, but I would definitely like some more mountains, or at least larger clusters/ridges.

I kind of missed the part that this world would be purely build oriented. Where did we decide that?

That’s perfect for me! Love it!

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In the OP. This world is being built for the express purpose of being home to the capital city.

Or mostly build oriented?

The point anyway is that we make the world for the purpose of a gathered build project which for most would mean that buildability is more important thant the amount of rescourses.

A capital city at least.

Building a humonguious city as a community is the plan anyway.

Well, the original suggestion was for the universal capital city. That’s not to say it will forever remain as such, but at least among the founders worlds.

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@Havok40k @Thorbjorn42gbf Well I thought it would be a World for the community capital where we could also explore and play the game as normal. If ressources are not balanced with buildability that’s not good then.
If we only want a build world then there’s little reason to have a Capital there because why would anyone be in that world except for being in the capital.

Or did I miss something?


I think the large biomes help both make a better region to build the capital (as long as it straddles them), and for exploration. Best of both worlds, currently!


Unfortunately it’s a bit difficult to do that without throwing things out of whack :frowning: The mountains due east of the starting point are pretty massive, though


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I saw universal as a sort of ‘‘every player on every world would go there for trade’’ rather than ‘‘its a world wide capital city’’


I’m afraid we could nit-pick this world to death if we develop it much longer. Let’s set a deadline for when to turn it over to the devs and make no further alterations. How about monday, 12:00pm London time?


Lowered the land a good chunk (except mountains) - feels good:


That’s what I was going for, exactly.


At this point I think the world is pretty solid; and I’m done making major changes.

Ok, well if you’re happy with it and nobody else on your team has any objections, go ahead and submit that to the devs!

If we’re done world building, I suggest we move on to city styles and concepts. We need to settle on arcitecture influences (ie Egyptian, Roman, Elvish, Dwarvish, etc.) We need to settle on features, such as should the spawn point be at the top of a high tower, ground level courtyard, underground cavern, etc. Should the city be walled or open? Citadels? Open air markets or shopping malls? Certainly needs a portal hub. We need to settle on what features, then when the world goes live we will set up a layout, then begin Terraforming and construction.

I’ve got two things left I’d like to address:

  • Adding some more variation to the jungle trees (height noise doesn’t seem to do anything)
  • Trying some different color schemes

I apologize if i sound arrogant for suggesting things, since im not really a builder, but my suggestion would be ‘‘Squares’’ kinda like Stormwind from wow

So instead of decinding on one and be like ‘‘everybody have to build like this’’ i think it would be great if you picked a number of building styles and merge them together in a way, so you might have a dwarven ish district where the smiths will be placed, you might have a fantasy district where all the tailors and ‘‘mages’’ are located, have a ‘‘Nature’’ district where it might be grasslands or jungler and there are only build things on certain spots rather than building them all.

That way people might say ‘‘i prefer building fantasy style’’ ‘‘i prefer oriental style’’ ‘‘i prefer rough dwarven style’’ and there will naturally be builder groups and everybody can enjoy the building itself :smile:


I’d like some input on color schemes; lemme know which of the following that you prefer the most (or suggest other schemes too):







I like @Zouls idea of calling it squares,and I still don’t understand.is the city still on one mountain or mountains?
3-4 look the best to me.