Combat Mechanics Proposal

Moving this post here as it was much more detailed than what was being asked for [here][1].

NOTE: This is simply a mechanics idea. Skills, classes, and stats systems used in the example scenarios are completely made up on the spot for demonstration purposes.


I know a lot of people have been commenting on how the combat system should make you feel in control of how you are fighting. In other words, we don’t want to select a target and have our characters start auto attacking while we wait on a bar full of cooldowns. There’s too much to keep track of in modern MMORPG combat systems and, usually, it all comes down to who spent the most time crunching the numbers and grinding the hours. In fact, this kind of combat system can drive away players who come to Oort to explore and build.

The combat system should implement a simple and efficient control scheme that allows for dynamic combat maneuvers. A good combat system should also include quick engagement/disengagement of enemies. Here, in steps, I will describe such a system:

*This would work just like the targeting system in The Ocarina of Time (and a few other Zelda games)

  1. Target your enemy by looking at them, waiting until a small red arrow appears above them, and then hold/toggle the Target Mode key. While targeted, an enemy stays centered on screen. (Camera locks on like in Zelda, remember?)
  2. While you are in target mode: Use the A and D keys to strafe clockwise and counterclockwise around the target. Use W and S to move closer or further from your target.

Since the targeting system only requires one hand, the players mouse-pushing hand is free to do some damage!

  1. While in attack mode, hold the left/right/both mouse button to bring up the corresponding “Ability Wheel”. (Example: hold LMB to bring up attacks, RMB for dodges/blocks/reflects, and both mouse buttons for items) Each ability wheel has 4 slots: Top, Bottom, Left, and Right.
  2. Now that one (or two) of the mouse buttons are being held and the ability wheel is up, drag the mouse toward the slot with the ability you wish to use. The selected slot will be highlighted.
  3. Let go of the mouse button (or buttons) once the ability you wish to use has been highlighted. The ability will be used. If you are out of range of your target for a specific ability, the ability will be grayed out and wont cast.

So thats it… Now let me walk you guys through an example of how this system could come in handy while fighting something.

-Fighting a Titan: You’re a rogue-like class, quick and nimble. A giant, walking rock wants to smash you and his only weakness seems be his big soft eyes. You gotta stab them… But his head is too high up. Fortunately, as a rogue, you can use the right mouse button to bring up your evasive ability wheel to dive/roll in 4 different directions to avoid attacks while your camera stays focused on the Titan. Even more fortunately, you have a grappling hook assigned to your item wheel (both mouse buttons). You engage the titan by first looking at him. Looks like he has multiple target-indicators, aim for an eye. When you’re ready, grapple hook him in the face; your grapple hook has a +20 retraction rate so you should be close to his face almost instantaneously. Now use the LMB to bring up the attacks wheel and go nuts on his eyeballs when you are close enough (rogue attacks have short cooldowns). You can use the grapple hook again to disengage it, or use a backwards evasion ability to disengage the grappling hook and backflip off of his face at the same time.

Other uses: It would probably be nifty to allow certain items and objects to be targeted as well. This opens up a lot of possibilities as far as dungeon design and game progression. For instance, your wooden newbie knife won’t cut through the thick patch of vines blocking you from the jungle dungeon.

Hopefully this mockup helps. The Charger can be targeted on the head or the rear. The ability wheels replace the toolbar in combat mode.

TLDR; Target-lock system like Legend of Zelda, use mouse-button(s) to bring up ability selection wheel (think GTA weapon selection with only 4 slots.)


I’ll just quote myself then:


here ya go…

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True, I only made up the rogue-like class as an example so I could explain how the different abilities of a rogue would be used with the same control scheme. I did read on the Steam store page that there will be race abilities and jobs, so you can imagine how those could replace the words “class abilities” or “jobs”.

  1. The Devs have said that multiple hitboxes on an enemy are completely possible. Knowing these weakpoints wont necessarily make the fight unfair because you still have to think about timing and strategy.
  2. This is true, but it isn’t necessarily a bad thing. This allows for cooperative fighting, especially in Titan fights. Someone with a hammer can attack the feet of the titan to make him fall down while the rangers attack his face to distract him or something to that effect.

Some people like controllers, and this could easily be translated for use on a controller.

The point is to only be able to use combat abilities while locked on to a target. That’s what I meant by quick engage/disengage of combat.

Meh… honestly hardlock on targets would be a no go for me, it tends to work well in third person games but its not very skill based, in my eyes it would be much more interesting to aim, not using an inbuild aimbot. but that is just my thoughts on your proposal.


I know where you’re coming from. Point-and-shoot would be nice, but I was trying to keep in mind that Oort is an MMORPG and balance is important.

Basically, the whole point of this system is to not have FPS mechanics or traditional MMORPG mechanics.

However, there is a small element of aim that could be worked in to specific situations. What if you quickly need to switch targets? You have to untoggle or let go of the target button, aim at the new target, and re-toggle. Seems simple but what if you only have a short amount of time to hit a creature in two places before he recovers?

is (as i understand it) a clear no to any form of target locking whatsoever.


like this?

nah just kidding. time will tell, i am hoping for skillbased combat with hotbar skills still, having to aim them ofc.

Good point, Vastar.
RIP, proposal.

Interesting idea – sounds like something that would be worth exploring for an RPG-heavy game! You’ve put a lot of thought in, well presented too. It’s always interesting to read this stuff even if it’s not necessarily the same direction we’re going in.


Thanks Zuonius - you’ve put lots of thought into that. Great stuff.

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This could still be acheived by having no locking on of hardpoints on titans. You also have to remember that we will have to fight creatures that are not titans, will we just lock straight onto them? If so then creature fights become really easy, you just aim and spam fire. However there might be more than one.

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To be able to “lock” a target would be good for oversee the combat situation, especially when you can “tell” our lock to other players of the party (Calling targets per hotkey). But that locking should have no influence to hit or moving. All players should have to hit with the crosshair (FPS like) and also the movement schould be like in a FPS as well :wink:


soo… like a sort of highlight? not aiming but having them so you can see their health and the likes? (if we assume players have a sort of portrait bar wowstyle) i think that would be great to try and figure out where players are.

but yeah i definately dont want hardlock, i think that removes most of the skill from the game since its just a tabtargeting combat system like wow, slightly changed :smile:


Yep, something like the target markers in WoW would be pretty neat ,maybe even necessary, for groupplay.

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Yeah, that exactly what I thought about … in GW you had “Ctrl-T” for calling a target (which got an arrow over the head) and “T” for selecting that target. So you could post a target as a group member, but others were not forced to have the same target. For example when playing a healer I rarely pressed “T” :wink:

I imagined the combat to depend on evasion as well as attacks and abilities. In my mockup, the mo’pig has two targetable points. That would be used for dynamic fighting, like hitting his head to daze him and then hitting his rear to do damage.

To prevent spam from being an issue, you would simply have cooldown timers on all of the abilities, including the evasive ones. A good comparison would be a fighting game, where timing your blocks and dodges are important for counter-attacking your opponent.

Cooldown timers would work. Cooldown timers + locking at hardpoints, this turns it into a standard MMO style system though, locked aim and then manage cooldowns.

This would be great!

yes. a stand tab target mmo which most of us kinda wants to avoid.


No, this system would be nothing like that.