Community Highlights Shout Out Thread!

This thread is to celebrate everything the community does! Whether it’s an awesome new player-made event, another player who has gone out of the way to do something nice, someone has helped out on a challenging build, or any other Random Acts of Kindness!

There are so many positive interactions that happen in-game daily and we don’t want to miss any! So shout about it here and they may receive a forum badge or two…


@Orrian for sure for all his community events. They’re always a blast.
Also @Lesioui for running an incredibly consistent daily hunt.
Too many players contribute to the community to name them all but those two come to mind pretty quickly


Well to start :wink: in any case most people of this community deserves a badge. And some even way more.

For example if you are a well known or brand new. All you have to do in most cases is ask.
Also our dev gods are the greatest.


What a wonderful thread!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Love this sort of thing so much!!

So many people who have given me so much help on so many fronts… I’ve named some before in the community praise thread, but for more recent stuff, want to give particular thanks and praise to a few of the many wonderful people here - help, trades, creating incredible things, and just being all-around awesome folks :slight_smile: - @AeneaGames @Creegle @georgegroeg


Want to give a shoutout to @DrCyanide for leading hunts for us Aussies almost every night, going to planets most hunt leaders wouldn’t dare go,

Also Shoutout to @majorvex for helping me out with a really good spot in their mall (which was their alts).

Shoutouts to SimpleFlips


I did see that thread but wanted to start an official one! :smile: (plus then I can take the blame for necroing if need be!)


Shout out to @digbycceasar for helping new players when he encounters one, and for helping out in city (SN)


It is a great idea - it is super to have an official thread for this!! :smile:

And a huge thank you to you too for doing such an awesome job - you are wonderful!! :smiley::+1::trophy:


I just don’t want to miss anything our awesome community does! :smile:


Shootout to:

@DaOne82 and @Zjawcia for their great job at getting locations from exos and being amazing people, also sorry for my horrible bone building skills lol.

@Lesioui for being such a good guy, hosting high quality hunts every night and showing me how to forge lucents.

@PrincessMaude for showing me her hidden lightning spell and helping me with white paint for my building.

And many others I can’t mention right now because I’m at work and will take too long :joy:


@Soju-VB for the filled exo atlases and exo locations!

@bucfanpaka for running exo shuttles and being a great friend!

@DKPuncherello for his contests and second best mall/market in game! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@Mayumichi for her awesome BUTT

@Simoyd for the price harvester

And ehmm, do the devs have this badge already? If not they definitely should!


@AeneaGames for whom, despite real life challenges, has created a(nother) great market place and keeps me constantly supplied with amazing speedy hammers, food, drink, concrete and so on.


@DaOne82 for the fun times, helping around the mall, & being my friend :blush:

@bucfanpaka for all of the positivity, kindness, & help that she gives others

@Gorillastomp for his work on the Exo posts :blush:

@DKPuncherello for tossing me my 1st AOE tool & getting me hooked on them, right after the game launched lol

@Peyago for offering great advice

@GrayFrequency for helping me build & manage the mall, and being a great BFF

@Lesioui for the great hunts & encouraging words during them

@Orrian for putting together excellent community events for the game

@Mittins for the beautiful things she builds

@Simoyd for creating some cool tools for us to use on discord and elsewhere

& several others…


@Gorillastomp impressive PS HQ and all EXO related things :smiley:

@Cuetzpalomitl, @DaOne82 and @Soju-VB for posting awesome farming spots on exos :slight_smile:

@Trickyy90 for awesome gleam flower/star i took :smiley:

@Simoyd for bots :smiley:

@bucfanpaka for all the awesome pics, posts, comments etc :slight_smile:

@Mayumichi for pricer and BUTT :smiley:

@majorvex for Gyosha Mall and update vids :slight_smile:


@Piblo found me within my first hour of game play and showed me the ropes. There is no question if he hadn’t I wouldn’t be playing this game right now. He introduced me to the fantastic community that exists here in Boundless


Kind of more forum based than in-game, but anyway:

Have to credit @Nightstar, he’s made a lot of informative posts that have helped me, the minter one in particular.

@Vurtadelic and @blinvir Appreciate the help you’ve given newbies and others.

Toumashii seems gone but in case they read this someday, appreciate all your posts. Many times you said what I was trying to say better than I could on discussion threads, and I found your funny posts/memes well placed and generally well… funny.

@Gorillastomp Obviously thanks for the exo posts!

General thanks to people who try to make the forums/game a better place, I know there are a lot.


This too so much - a huge thank you to those who provide helpful content, this and streams, tutorial videos, testing information - @Gorillastomp @majorvex @Jiivita @Stretchious @Ovis @DonBab and others!

So useful and appreciated!! :smiley:

Also @Soju-VB - huge, HUGE thank you for the completed exo atlases, MASSIVE help!! :slight_smile:


@willcrutchley for helping me figure out how to access some of the boundless APIs
@zerosanity for helping me figure out the compression on some boundless APIs
@RISCX for helping me setup burp suite which ultimately lead to development of an MITM

@Stretchious, @Mayumichi, and @Pfiffel for their websites

@Jiivita for his videos

@virresss and @Tagris for their unrelenting kindness in the face of literally everything


thank you for the shout outs :blush:

My shout outs go to the following…

@Gorillastomp to his Exo posts and @Simoyd his Exo bot.

@Zjawcia @Cuetzpalomitl @White69Tiger and others in the PS discord for helping with coords to locations.

@majorvex and @GrayFrequency being awesome mall owners :slight_smile:

@Jiivita for his awesome videos… wouldn’t be the player I am now without them.

@Stretchious and his twitch streams answering any questions one may have.

the ENTIRE dev team for their hard work and bringing is together.

and to all my new oortian friends I have made since day one… to many to list but you know who you are :slight_smile:


@Kralith @cass for great job managing Ultima Network and helping ppl in need in and outside of the guild :wink:

All ultima guild members for great support.

Also a lot lot other ppl for they great work and support :wink: