[COMPLETE] Very brief downtime from 10:30 AM GMT

Morning all - we’re going to be releasing a small patch at 10:30 - approximately 35 minutes from now. Should be very minimal downtime, thanks for your patience!


Fixing the chiseled blocks that are askew? Or making the change to the guild tags being able to be the same but “different”

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And we’re back. Just a fix for a bug in the Gleambow timer - for example we saw one with a timer of ten minutes…

So it’s more forgiving than the initial release, but we’ve patched out a bug that was in there which caused the timers to go a little haywire.


Like this one?

The timing has been a little screwy. Day after the event started, friend and I went to Cephorex Merika. In 3 hours, we saw exactly 3 meteors total. And we were moving constantly.
Then earlier today, I went to Biitula to grab some Silk Cobalt Igneous. While mining I heard thunder, the kind you hear when a meteor is close overhead. I go outside and see 10 in the sky, all heading in different directions.

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I do think the exo spawn timer needs looking at as well! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Maybe we’re required now to leave sacrifices on the altar for them here, to be granted the boon of an exo? :thinking:

Leaves earthyams, three Spitters, and a Roadrunner feather

Exo Scanner: Crickets chirping

They are not appeased. :frowning: Ok…

Throws in a few kegs of Guinness

Exo Scanner:

New exoplanet(s) added!!!

Tier 6

Tier 7

Tier 4



You know, you just gave me a neat decoration idea, we could totally put some donation baskets here and there inside the cathedral. XD

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Oh yeah!! :smile: I think that would be perfect, we could leave them offerings, lol!! You could have baskets labeled for the whole pantheon up there on Mt. Guildford, really. :wink:

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i liked the bug
now i cant finish atleast 1 gleambow :frowning:

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Fixed one issue but why break something that was working fine last night on Cephonex Merika… I was seeing last night 1m12s and now 23s??? 4th one in a row with such bogus timers…

another just now… just finished landing…

Please fix this… not because of me but for new players to actually have a chance… Thank you


Isn’t there some way to set the timer to have a minimum time? Like, never less than 3 minutes?


I did one this morning on Alnitans that only had 1:23 on it. It went to far in the other direction now.


Yeah, no bueno. I think the least amount of time should be 90 seconds. I’ve got a 54m emerald grapple, max skills, guild buff, and speed brews.

Ease up please, let us enjoy this and have fun without stressing plz :pray:t3:


I can understand fixing the biitula one that was 10 mins (last night) to 2 mins but nuking Ceph’s 1m12s down to 18-24s?? is there skills I’m missing in making my toon a Super Oortian?? lol


Hey! Put that back! :heart_eyes:

I just went to get some screenshots showing some odd behavior when repairing a chrysominter with damaged coils, and saw that’s already been fixed too. Nice.

I know right? When I saw the first 3+ minute one :open_mouth: I was smiling the whole time I was going after it…then I just wanted to do more and more. It was so fun!


last night 3 feel in biitula and they were a good and I mean a good distance from each other… I got to the first one and was like ooo 10 mins lol… I ended up doing all 3 in 5 lmao… I know the 10 mins was an error and the 2 min on avg is fine but the ceph timers is brutal… Imagine a new player who even running compared to me is slow… they stand no chance after jumping over their first rock.

Yeah, think the balancing programming might have adjusted it too far the other way now, my PC character has only managed one now, and some of them weren’t that far away - I don’t know what the timers were at to start but they had to have been quite short. Probably do need to have a minimum time it can’t go under.


The first one I saw the day it started was 48s.

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