Conflicting Information

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Preface: I am not a tech savvy person. I know enough to know that I don’t know enough.

I use the Boundless Information Station religiously to scope out the bet places to mine for specific resources or colours. There is often wrong or conflicting information reguarding the colours of blocks, or, better yet, a planet will be listed as “can plot” but then I get there and can’t break any blocks!

Is there somewhere I can go to report these issues so that the next guy doesn’t spend half an hour tracking down a planet in a crowded sky, only to warp there and find their plans thwarted?

All of that information is coming from the player created Boundlexx API, which gets color and permissions data from a player created scraper called Boundless Proxy.

So, if someone changes their colors or permissions, but nobody shows up in-game while they have the proxy app running, the API can’t know about it. None of this is official.

That said, there are some of us that are happy to go re-scan planets if you report the issue. I think the best place to request is here: API Planet Scanning Requests You can either put the token in the box and Soju can handle it, or you can post in the thread with planet name and portal location and either Soju or I or someone else with the scanner will handle it.

Of course, you can also join us with using the scanner, but you said you aren’t technically inclined, so don’t feel pressured to do that, it is an at-your-own-risk program that requires some technical knowledge to understand what it’s doing.

Oh, and try searching the forums to see if there is a thread with portal information for the worlds. Often, you can get there without having to find the planet in the sky.


Awesome! Thanks for the education!

Blessedly, my partner is super tech savvy. So now that I have a starting point, I think I shall join you with the scanner! We both used to use the store scanner one, when it wasn’t yet part of the main game.

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Awesome. Make sure they understand what it’s doing. I know I had at least one case where it crashed and I needed to manually modify my hosts file. It’s usually stable, but occasionally can be trouble.

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