Decrypting the Oortphabet

Hey guys.

I was trying to decrypt the Oortian writings which were posted by Oort at twitter. I don’t want to spoiler those who also try to decrypt it, so I will - instead of posting my translation - just post a question which comes by me to the author of the second (longer) writing. So, if you understand my question I think you and me may be right with our work :wink:

Are we really all doomed by that stuff?

If one of you has another translation just let us know here (without spoilering, of cause).


I had a go super late last night, but without luck…

Yes, it’s no easy task. I also tried for very long (about three hours in total) and had to use a crossword tool for the last word I had to translate, cuz my head was burning and I was close to giving up ^^

But may be I’m wrong and have to go all over again :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Im still going… Is it read in order or could it be perhaps backwards or upside down?

In order and in English, but also with signs (look at both posted texts). But if I’m wrong with the signs just forget all what I have said ;D

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Here’s the pictures:

I assume each character is made of a 2x2 box, where each piece in the box can be either filled or empty.

Adjacent boxes that are filled can either be separate or connected. This would allow for 43 separate characters (I think, correct me if I’m wrong)

I agree with what someone said about the (only top right filled) and (only bottom left filled) characters being a start and end character, as they appear in the same places and nowhere else on both images.

My attention span is really short though, I’ll probably get distracted in a few minutes :stuck_out_tongue:

Ive managed to come up with solutions to both clues posted on twitter. Both are sciencey and would work with Oort, but my unscientific brain cant make sense of them.

For anyone reading… Ive used the first symbol as " and last symbol as " meaning they’re quotes? Searching the first given clue (the short one) in google with the quotation marks comes up with some cool ambient noise/drone/spacey sounds with a cool video clip with sweet spacey graphics, apparently a demo from a computer programming and video game conference/convention? Message me if you want the link. It could be used for the skybox?

As for the second (big) clue, it brings nothing up in google, but it sounds cool. Potentially a hint towards a weapon or maybe even just lore.

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Can I have a hint, like what do you think the character is?

That would be an E.

I’m almost certain I’ve got it right :smiley:


I think I got it, the long one definitely sounds like some lore except I think the last word in it is kinda spelled wrong >.>

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Yep! Spelling error.

wow you all are super linguists :slight_smile: I haven’t a clue :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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I am so bad at this. I mean, I honestly don’t think I’ve even come close to starting on this. I just don’t know how to. I’m reading the advice, but nothing really clicks. This is definitely not my sort of puzzle.

The Oort hang their heads in shame. Assuming they even have heads. And assuming they can even feel the emotion of shame.


So I was right with my translation… muahahahahaa! Just feel monstrous good right now :grin:


I think I figured it out too… was the last word off by 2 letters?

Feel free to openly discuss translations.

Points to whoever can work out the Oort grammar / sentence structure and letter shapes.

I got “entropy epoch” for the first one and “vacuum energy risks all existence” for the second one :sweat_smile:


Just one question: Why is something as important as the Oortian alphabet only posted on twitter and not on the forum? I don’t have twitter and things like that really annoy me…

Sorry - it was just a tease over the weekend. I’ll make a devlog post now.

Our standard practise is to post to the devlog, then from there onto twitter / facebook / steam.