Elop Portas


Yes but an aqueduct can carry fluids not just water, they’re simply designed for water


aqueducts were designed to carry water only - hence the name starting with latin aqua, meaning water; even nowadays if you have a system carrying other liquids it’s not called aqueduct

what you refer to saying about carrying fluids (not necessary water) is pipeline transport :wink:

lets not go off-topic too much anyway - none of it matter :grin: my post was simply a fruit of a short laughing moment after reading about lava in aqueduct (james smartly called it lavaduct :sunglasses: ) I was by no means laughing at you - only at the words inaccurately put together - can happen to anyone


Bro, I said the words “designed to carry water”

Many things designed for something completely different are used for stupid things. Grammar makes no sense and language is a construct.

Of course a lava aqueduct wouldn’t work, lava can conceivably melt stone, and lava cools upon contact with air.

I’m not going into science, I’m saying that I said quite literally what you just told me “[aqueducts] are designed to carry water” I know an de I stated so, please don’t correct what does not need correcting, sorry pet peeve of mine. I am a very logic based person, and people take advantage of that to make fun of me as I was growing up, so it’s a button that too many people pushed


As I said I wasn’t aiming at you, only at words - it happens to everyone to create something funny with language, simply because it’s not only intention of the sender that matters in communication but also perception of the receiver. No one is at fault and all is good.




Magmaduct. Also, air won’t do much to cool it down, TBH. At least, not very rapidly. Even immersion in water typically takes a minute to do so IRL, because there’s so much heat to bleed off that the water keeps vaporizing before it can even really touch the molten rock.


Oh my word. I just went to Elop Portas. I was trying to mentally map your ziggurat and I’m pretty sure the attempt gave me dementia and a minor brain aneurysm.

If I hadn’t seen all the mineable materials in the walls and floors (telling me that you dug most of the place out of a mountain and then added decorations to it) I probably would have had a hernia and some nice rectal bleeding at the thought of someone building all of that from the street level up.

Still, ridiculously impressive work, man.


We have miles of road going up and big plans still in store. We are ready for our next wave of settlers. Help us build this city. The theme is ancient, Mystic,lost gardens, and Ruins
Not only ancient earth like structures but what do you imagine the ancient ort structures looked like. my tower for example is and ancient ort site that once used gleam lay lines to enhance the power of there portals.
Mystic dose not necessarily mean magic rather its anything that the mind in its current para-dime can not fathom. Advanced technological structures of unknown origin, floating gleam gardens, or the like.
lost gardens
… lost gardens …
ruins both large and larger repurposed by the residents of this time or avoided by people out of fear. flooded dungeons :wink:

The town is mostly for medium and large builds but arrangements can me made for smaller ones.
Along this road for example is a perfect place for one and two plot builds.

please build on a road! Small paths between large builds is appreciated and take up minimal space when coordinated with the person next to you.

check out @Spoygg s aqueduct! And also welcome this amazing new builder to the build team.
Also behind the aquaduct is a@Pseudonym84 s bath house

This place at the north west of my build is now available. It will take a lot of plots but the rewards for building here many. Dig deep enough and you will have plenty of water to work with and also will find a cave. please only take this one on if you have the plots and an idea to build something amazing.

We are still looking for regulars on this forum and active players to help build and maintain aqueducts.
Feel free to poste screen shots of your build or something you just find cool as you wander our streets.
And remember to stay Boundless :boundless:

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I just took a stroll around the city and holy ■■■■ it’s going to be amazing! If I was more creative I’d dream something up for it:p


you have water and soon, lava, to play with. a note for fluids, water will flow 7 blocks before needing to drop, and lava can go four.

water: _ _ _ _ _ _
… \ . . . . . on the seventh block it needs a downwards slope, or it needs an empty space for it to fall down.

lava: _ _ _
… \ . . . . on the 4th block it needs a downwards slope, or it needs an empty space for it to fall down.


interesting, I didn’t know that :slight_smile:

I played with water a bit on Therka in live version and created a waterfall in an underground cave, that’s all - and I mined quite a lot of soils on banks of lakes thus could see how water is filling spaces left after breaking blocks, but I didn’t know actual physics for water or lava.


one of the reasons i was part of Elop Portas was due to experience with water physics. have you seen my house at all?


I might have but I have seen so many builds that I can’t be too sure. Can you post a pic here?


its an experience that i cant do justice through photos.

if you go through Jeff’s portal network to Nasharil, then head OUTSIDE of his nasharil hub, there’s a portal surrounded by red wood. that’s mine. got a lot of water in my build


are we talking live version? cause I’m running in testing at the moment


I suggest you check it out yourself, as Xanotos said, pictures just don’t represent the whole engineering prowess of it. Plus I’m happy there’s two capitals now, or at least I think there will be (Elop Portas and Pixel Gate)

I wish, I had plots to do something there.


yes it’s live version, Berlyn and Nasharil are not part of the testing version.

i should develop the other section of my basement, maybe make it a maze


By the way @Dzchan94 told me to tell you to stay away from the lava!


It’s dangerous! :warning:


I don’t know how many times I have to repeat to everyone and myself: “Lava is not your friend” Thanks for reminding me


Just looking out for ya.