Fibrous Leaf - The elusive item as a new player

I’ve been really enjoying my time in Boundless so far with one notable exception: I’m still using stone tools despite having 100’s of copper and iron ore.

The reason: Fibrous leaves (or therefore lack of).

Stone items are slow - that’s fine. They are the first non-wood item you use and it’s a starting point. There is plenty of surface level copper and coal and a decent amount of iron. The issue is either the fairly rare Yucca plants or the rarer still fibrous leaf drop from said plant.

As a new player this is incredibly frustrating and will lead me to burnout of this game sooner than I would like. Can I suggest that either:

A) The drop rate is made 100% to get 1 leaf and then a lesser chance for additional leaves per Yucca plant.
B) The requirement for Sackcloth is removed altogether from at least copper items.

This is also an issue for animal bones (to a lesser extent though) for making glue. I have no issues farming but I am surprised to find that a lot of the animals running around in this game don’t actually have bones. Who knew…

Thanks for reading.



I messaged @olliepurkiss about this on Monday after the update. I think they’ve seen a lot of our cries for help with this item. He will do another pass on the recipe balance soon and will look at this specific case when he does.


I think it’s fair to say that all animals should at least drop 1 bone just like all rock blocks you mine out drop 1 rock. It just makes a lot of sense and it isn’t like bones are even remotely that high end of an item to begin with.

The less painful it is to get through the early game the better IMO.


Ohh god do i hate this Leaves xDDD. We talked about this “Problem” alot in this thread: The grind

I really hope they drop the new additional requirements for Copper and Iron Tools, so that you again just need Sticks and the Corrosponding Metals :slight_smile:. everything is okayish after that :stuck_out_tongue:

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Rebalance this one please, I spend hours farming them and they are necessary for a lot of basic thing, must have some more solid way of earning them or the cost we have of them on early recipes.


Hello all. As @slyduda said I am doing another pass on the recipe balance soon, so please bear with us as we improve these things. I can see that this fibrous leaf issue is problematic though so I’m going reduce the number of leaf inputs needed for sackcloth from 5 to 3 to ease this problem. That will go out this week all being well.

Please keep giving this kind of feedback it’s really helpful. It’s a complex game and having lots of eyes and brains on balance will enable us to get the game to the quality we want it to be.


Mass craft mass fail last night :’( glad to see a rebalance though! People will hate me but I dearly want the leaves to stay. I agree that they are under available at the moment and a kind of gate keeping people back, especially since crafters, cooks AND smiths are affected. Like the sack cost reduction, would however have to ask out loud if other plants won’t maybe get a lesser chance to drop fibrous leaves? This would still make yukka king in cloth country, but give enough people random extra drops that some would be available on the market…

Inky Plants (no, not Fibrous ones) drop Fibrous Leaves also…about 1 in every five harvests from my experience. As well as Fleshy Leaves and Exotic Earthyams. If you’re roaming the world/s for Yucca, give these a chop too. The extra earthyams are good cheap food to roast, I find.

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I spent almost an hour gathering surface resources on a high level planet (in an area where there are Yucca plants) and I only got around 50-60 Fibrous Leaves. This is not enough, especially for new players, and it should be adjusted.


@olliepurkiss what confuses me, is that fibrous plants drop fibrous leaves very rarely, less than yucca plants. Is this an issue? If not, maybe the name should be changed.

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Yes, that’s a naming issue. The “Fibrous” and “Inky” plants were named that way after their drops, but have now been re-purposed as higher-tier plants found on higher-tier worlds (because they look more alien and interesting). The new plants should take up the slack of dropping basic resources on home worlds. We’ve got plans to rename all the plants to be more thematic, but unfortunately Steph, who does the writing for us, is ill today so I can’t find out where we are with that. Expect new names in an upcoming update.

Apologies for the confusion.


Good to know, thanks for the quick reply :laughing:


Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, they’re reducing the Crafting Costs Wooooohoooo xD

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Thanks all for your replies.

Really nice to see the Devs on these forums and nice and quick (I’m new so don’t know what to expect).

Will be a nice short term fix to the Sackcloth issue although I personally think 2 would be better whilst Copper items still need it. A short term reduction is a lot better than no reduction though so thank you :slight_smile:

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I have a feeling that the Forge will repair your Tools… and considering that, the amount is absolutelly fair. But else, yes 2 would be better xD

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The Forge will enhance your tools in many different ways :wink:


Stretchious please, i’m already hot xDD. If i’m able to add “Scyther” or “Infectious” to a Stone Hammer in the end i will just explode… Actually thinking about this, a “Furious Wood Hammer of Infectious Madness” would be the Solution to all Leafy Problems xD



Edit: Hammer. un-FTFY :slight_smile:

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But… but i want a Hammer made of Wood, that Furiously Smashes a 5x5 Area while not loosing Durability And no Lumbering Device :frowning:

Edit: Uhhh you Meanie xD


Was thinking today while hunting juicy starberries. They are as difficult to get as them fibrous leaves and here’s the thing - one of the sources of the leaves is foliage, but here’s the problem: foliage on high tier worlds drop all 3 types of starberries and 2 kinds of leaves on top of that. We have enough ordinary starberries on home worlds and such, so why not throw them away from high tier foliage, so their place can be taken by juicy starberries and fibrous leaves (half half).

I gathered nearly 400 foliage today to get 9 juicy starberries and a dozen of fibrous leaves. I also had nearly 50 basic starberries that I didnt need that much if at all. Imagine that amount being distributed between juicy starberries and fibrous leaves. It would only help players going to high tier worlds so not a solution for low level players, but I wanted to hint here that these 2 resources are elusive even further down the progression line (especially juicy starberries, as they don’t have any other drop source).