Full inventory

So I was wondering. Are there plans to implement something like a chest, or a way to upgrade your bags? I find myself walking about with bags full of items. Then when I want to loot something I need, I can’t because my bag is full.

Chests should be just around the corner^^

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What about buckets? I need water!

I don’t know about that. @james any information about buckets?

Pretty sure those have been nixed. Another method seems to be in development, but no word yet on what that meens.

I just want a way to move water from point a to point b. I don’t care if it’s a bucket or not.

Exactly. Some of the concerns (as I understand them) about moving water is:

  1. Water grief, obviously. Large flows cause massive server lag.

  2. A desire to not replicate a minecraft function.

  3. a desire to encourage smarter play than just moving water 1 bucket at a time, like water pumps or aquaducts.

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An aqueduct would be amazing. I am trying to make like a little pond. But I can’t do that without being able to move water.

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Here are some links that will answer your question!

Hope this helps!

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