"FULLY" AFK Block XP Farm

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Edit: as per the request and confirmation of @Tiggs this has been deemed against the spirit of the game and will not be allowed going further. Video has been made private until further notice.



Great work brother!

Love seeing more people get into the technical side of boundless (however small that side is). Seeing someone use my glide track is like sending a child off to university, a very proud moment :joy:


It’s such an underrated game mechanic. It’s the future of automation for this game currently!


I am only Building usefull build. I dont like to build only for fun(because i am trash :slight_smile:). So you ans Ovis are m’y bigest mentors un this Game. THX alot! Can’t wait to get homme ans try to build this!


there is a way better afk farm with less building and costs

Haha, so happy to hear that! I am just fooling around, Ovis is the pro!

@antonius025 Would you like to elaborate a bit more as to what you are referring to? :smile:

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I’d be interested in the official stance on this and other scripting & AFK stuff from @monty1 and/or @Tiggs


I think that it’s obvious but there is no bots or scripts here, just to be clear! :smiley:

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You are technically correct but it still feels like an exploit. I’m not going to tell anyone what to do, but, like I said, I’d be interested in the official stance on this. :wink:

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When you say “you can AFk for 20 minutes” that must involve some sort of button press like weighting a key or taping a mouse button when not using scripts.
From past discussions I remember that fixating a button for something like this is considered botting and can get you a ban. So better only do this actively


It can’t count as scripting, as holding down some physical keys would be impossible to police. I think scripting/botting means complex inputs like some people have talked about in the past, seeing people farming gleam, regening, and minting using a script/bot.

James’ reference to ‘scripting as a means to play with a disability’ is in regards to things such as repetitive strain when pressing craft 30 times (as an example).

Edit: But i understand where you’re coming from, i’d too be interested to know officially


Do you have a reference to this (I just want to know what I can do @Tiggs @monty1)? I would like to know, I am in no way trying to break the rules and posting it on the forums clearly shows I am not trying to hide it either. It’s just an attempt at creating automation within the game boundaries.

Besides, I think PS4 players already do AFK farming with slow-walk on controller to farm exp while having a weight on buttons to automate it? Not sure if anyone can confirm this.

I do not use any bug or exploits in the game either, as separately all of these things are part of the game and definitely not bugs/exploits. The only question is whether using a weight on a key is considered rule breaking, which I am not sure why it would be rule breaking.

Also edit: won’t use the farm until either Tiggs or Monty have confirmed what their stance is on this, just to be on the safe side! Or well, I can use it but then I manually have to do the pressing. :smiley:

There is even -built-in- mechanics against placing the same block over an over again and it’s a tip you can learn. You can also notice these anti-botting measures when you are standing still mining gleam spheres (like some people like doing even manually), after a while you should stop getting XP for it. You can obviously work around these measures by moving. For me this is clearly exploiting game mechanics that are not meant to be used that way, but again, I’m not speaking in any official capacity here :wink:

PS, the tip:

Found it again. It is a statement on Discord

If you auto click with a program or something like posted here makes no difference to the game

Part of this long discussion thread Keep your "macros" to your self

The only absolutely official statement was already posted above from James.

You are not actively playing when AFK so at best a gray area. We never hear about bans and as such we do not know if people were already banned for things like this.

I hear ya, but this literally states nothing about what the issue seems to be here. Both discord comment by Stretch and Forum comment by James are in regards to Scripts or Bots, neither which was used in this case. I get the issue here and why it seems controversial, but to me it’s just the same as Autorunning forwards in other games.

Besides, this is all just an attempt to bring automation to Boundless, something that is hardly seen before and may bring a lot of usefulness in many ways and make certain aspect less tedious.

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At least the Discord comment mentions auto-clickers. A constantly pressed button can be seen as a sort of auto-clicker.
Just want to prevent bans. Official statement would be best here :slight_smile:

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Yeah I am not using it until I have official confirmation. Or well, I can use it as long as I press the button constantly myself.

But also, it’s not actually clicking, it’s holding down a button which I press to start it off.

Whatever the case, I am not trying to get in to trouble here and I am being completely transparent here!

The main argument isn’t about clicking vs holding down the button, it’s about the fact that your character is doing things to gain things without you actively playing the game to do it.

Though, not that it could really be proven or disapproven, if you did it while you were still sitting there watching it then that part of the argument disappears.

The other side of the argument is about the fact that this is an exploit, which it truly is. Placing blocks for xp and lettings coils break them isn’t a new thing, it has absolutely been done before, it’s the fact that it’s now automated in a way that makes it so easy to use as a way to generate the player coin effectively for free (level crates).

Both of these stances were that of the previous devs though, so who knows how peeps feel about it now


I think it would be impossible to police.

If you ask me from a moral standpoint I don’t think it should be allowed.

I will say though it’s just going to happen and there are some limitations in the game namely color rarity, crafting timers and grinding levels for more plots that I could see where someone might consider using a script or bot to technically “get ahead”.

Sticking with my moral compass I am against it, but if someone is doing it and the mechanics and the TOS allow them to do such a thing then that decision rests on them. I don’t care if they “get ahead” of me in some way in a game where there is no real benefit to “get ahead” of someone else.

Of the three things I mentioned:

  1. Color Rarity - Someone could buy 20 accounts launch them all and then do their own gleambow hunts. While it would take actually purchasing the accounts and the ability to run that many accounts at one time, is it breaking any rules? I question that one as many of us do this when we go on hunts and bring 1-2 alts along with us too. On top of all that… color rarity and lack of official gleam hunts almost require you to do gleambow hunts to gain some of the colors.

  2. Crafting Timers - I personally feel the crafting timers are just fine, but I know there are a number of people that would love to automate this so that the crafting isn’t as tedious, but upon thinking I don’t know that you can script or bot this.

  3. XP and Plots - This one seems a little sketchy to me, but it’s simply the fact of someone being lazy and not wanting to buy plots. You don’t have to buy plots, but there is a monetary value placed on plots buy allowing a player to buy cubits and in turn use those to buy more plots. If you can automate the gaining of XP, you in turn are automating the generation of cubits and in the end gaining the ability to purchase items in the shop (plots, outfits, etc.).

As I stated, if someone wants to use a script or bot to “get ahead” I don’t really see much point in it, but then again I tend to take the high road… most of the time.

EDIT: Just to add I know there were previous exploits in the game that were exploited and quite a few of those players are still around.

Oh wow of all the old junk you don’t want pulled out of the closet :rofl: