[NOTICE] Exploits and Abuse

Hi All,

This is a reminder about our stance on using exploits for any advantage within Boundless.

If you discover an exploit within Boundless and use this exploit, you risk being permanently banned from the game.

If you are made aware of any exploits then please let a member of the Dev team know and importantly, do not abuse this exploit in the meantime.

This is a friendly but firm way of ensuring that the Boundless Universe is fair for each and every citizen.

We appreciate your help in letting us know of any exploits that you or others may come across.


Would this be referencing the thing when you could sell the sparks in the chrysominter for some high sums of coins?

Imo this was noy an exploit, for me an exploit is soething that is not visible. In this case the price showed was the roght coin you were getting in return.

If it would be like the price shown at 1c but give 100c, thats an exploit.


I think it’s good to make a statement about this, however, I also think it would be handy to know what is considered an exploit and what is not because I know there are many different opinions about it.

For instance, the spark chrysominter thing I did not see as an exploit, but I know others did…

Also, what is the stance about botting and abusing in that way?


Yeah I think we need a little clarification or an example from the DEvs thoughts on this as we know the community can’t see eye to eye in the interpretation of this.


Yeah I don’t think it was an exploit, but finding a way to duplicate items or to remove damage on them is a different story for me


I would say this is a “less direct” way of telling the community not to try and exploit the reclaim system

It seems ok to use to relocate your build, but if you use while mining, or just use to transport items in general (instead of the intended purpose of not losing items when your beacon runs out of fuel), then it is being “exploited”



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100% agreed. That was something that could be hotfixed in a day.

To add to this further, I think there should be a daily pass over chrysominter activity for the first week after any sort of release/update/hotfix occurs.

This would go a long ways to catching things that slip through QA


Hmmm. I’m getting ready to use it to move items from my base to a new location. I do not believe this is an exploit.

If something is against the rules, there needs to be a list of the rules so we can abide by them. Not other player’s opinions :woman_shrugging: (nothing against you in particular Crete…I’d like to see a fleshed out list of rules somewhere)


Please see James’ response to botting on this post below.


I am thinking same way, it was set but probably nobody did check minting value when it came testing :frowning:

I think too many use exploit word lightly in this forum. Because to me exploits on mmo games are something really severe that have heavy connection game economy, player accounts or some data manipulation for example duping items.


Oh no, i get it, no offense taken. But i do believe (cant find post) james did say it was not meant to be used as “cloud storage” somewhere.

If the “Meat loaf” Recipe accidentally started creating the “Cheat Loaf” and a bunch of yall started abusing it, then a hot fix came out later that day, the people that used would be going “Dur i didnt cheat it was in game”


I thought that’s exactly what it was :woman_shrugging: lol
I’ll have to do some digging


I think we should wait for a dev clarification… this post is going to go on that run away train of being out of control and closed very very shortly!! :popcorn:


That is totally different, because it would be behaving completely different form what it was meant to.

The minter gave a price we don’t know if it was changed because it was indeed an error or because all of the drama that came around it.

Gleam was also giving a lot of coin for months and was that considered an exploit because they decided to nerf it?


Pretty sure this is about the crysominter prices and botting which people still do on exo worlds causing ps4 players to lag out

This was confirmed already by James to be an expected scenario and not "exploiting " iirc. Theres been a few posts around it and the view seemed to be that preventing this use would mean imposing a lot more restrictions on the system ocerall


Nah. People are being civil and just seeking clarification. It’s ok to ask questions. :blush: