Hibernation time @ XMAS BRGR [obsolete]


Good day all!

This is the long overdue formal presentation of the BCON BRGR in Ultima!

The aim of BCON BRGR is to be firmly burned into the mind of each citizen as the only place to buy all your dietary needs! Kidding, it’s just another shop that sells foods. But it’s in the shape of a BRGR!

I try to keep it stocked with foods that are a more moderate reflection of input costs. I try to source all my ingredients locally, and split the profit between lower sales prices and higher buy prices. This means that the more people buy at the BRGR, the higher my BUY prices will go! Yes you gatherers heard right, I’ll pay you more for what the public wants to eat!

At the moment I’ve got all your basic foods and early well-fed foods in stock, as basic pies and loaves seem to cost a lot more than what they give you. We are expanding though to stock at least a few of every food craftable.

Product availability depends mainly on basket intake as I don’t have the time to farm for everything - so if a basket isn’t getting anything in, the stands won’t be able to put anything out. Similarly if items don’t sell, I will either drop both in and out prices, or discontinue the item unless someone puts in a request.

To help get some coin rolling in this hard economic climate of today, I’ve set up a little voting station / mailbox on the front lawn.

Come by and drop a token, let me know what you are willing to spend on foods so we can see if gatherers are willing to stock for sane rates! This vote will run until this coming sunday, at which time I’ll re-shuffle my prices where needed.

I’ll be moving the higher priced speciality items into the BRGR - this is where you can find some of the tastiest teaching foods and prettiest persisting pies on the known worlds! We also have a fledgling micro-brewery going will be putting up some of Haephestus’s forgeries from time to time (although he’s picky about what he puts up, so check back regularly).

We’re keeping a spot or 2 for future portals, but this is a BRGR not a hub :wink:

Getting there is super-easy (except in periods of pronounced rubber-banding). It is directly North of the ultima portal tree on Finata. If you’re on the Portal Seekers’ network, get to Grovidias Te and get into the Ultima network! :yum:

For my prices, both buy and sell, and twice weekly stock levels, check out the awesome and amazing Boundless Skill site.

Hope to feed you guys soon!

IDEA: massive group visit to see each others epic builds
Shake 'n BCON' BRGR

This is one of my favorite shops for foods. I will check out your request baskets to see if I can contribute anything.


Love the voting solution. Players have been suggesting a way to take votes, well here it is!


lol it’s been around for ages :wink:


Stop making me hungry. :frowning:


What the hey-- bring back the sashes you’re wearing in that old thread! Make old threads new! Literally!


Sweet, I had never thought to use tokens in that manner. That is awesome :smiley:


One of the best food shops out there! :hamburger:


I buy my pies everywhere. But I always end up back at the BRGR! great prices!

Those pies taste better! And they give more Energy! And, they can make you fly! And… and make your forges come out better!!

Don’t buy those pies from Mr. Mystery Guy… cause they will KILL you! And you will lose all of your stuff!

Play it safe, come inside his BRGR.

Disclaimer: (All statements are false, misleading, untrue, and suggestive. Except for the Mystery Guy pies… you will DIE!)


Hephty has blessed us with a few noob friendly forgeries!

A stack of affordable “fake titanium” slings for aspiring lower level hunters!
Sure they’ve got that iron feeling when you hold them, but at 870 damage and 2300 durability, they’ll shame even the shiniest of non-gem guns.
Oh and by the way, they’re flipping at 1k each. Beat that titanium!


That’s the crabby patty mobile!


Time to celebrate the Paleolithic diet!

Time to eat like the hunter-gatherers we are -basic food prices have been slashed to within an inch of their lives:

Cooked earthyams - 2c
Cooked meat - 4c
Cooked prime meat - 6c

Dont despair hunter-gatherers, I’m buying your yams/meat/prime steaks at 1/2/4 each
baskets coined with 5 smart stacks worth each, grab the cash before corporations come clean me out!


Good day all!

As was previously discussed, I’m going to invite all finata citizens to come nominate your lesser known settlement for the first “Grand tour of lesser spotted Finata”. It will not only give you some exposure, but probably a handy clump of footfall for those off-the-beaten-track settlements

This can be done by sending me a PM on the forums with: a short description of what your settlement is about, location, and a timeframe (UTC please) that i could catch you online during weekdays / specific days.

Alternatively you can drop a location token for your settlement into the voting station at the BRGR and we will send a representative to come and have a look.

Lastly I’m also available on discord @Prome3us#4768

Lets get the tour and any incidental footfall bonusses rolling!

Vote update:

Thanx to all who participated! Your feedback has been implemented, with changes across the board!

The next vote is now open - this time it’s a seller’s game!
Come by and let me know how much (or how little) you’d be willing to sell your raw mats for! The aim is to get a low enough price so that I can drop sales even further, while making sure I get gatherers willing to bring me a steady supply of mats.

I’ll be opening a second basket for the first grand tour specifically for settlements that want to participate.

Also, few decorative changes are in order and will take over the BRGR soon™!


Verrry cool idea! I hope you get a lot of votes…I’ve seen some pretty nice builds around there! Also love the BRGR shop :slight_smile:


You will definitely be getting my footfall soon love the shop design


Is this a tour test run? Are you going planet to planet if it works out? I don’t live on finata but I’ll gladly take the tour to give them free coin


The tour was a suggestion from @the-moebius here. I have a full time job and am no community leader, so at the moment the first tour will focus on finata (but could include another planets if we get many submissions from the same place). We’d need at least 10 passangers to make the tour worthwhile, hoping for a hunt-sized crowd of 30-ish. Planning on <3 minutes per settlement to hit a bunch of beacons, so should be much quicker than most hunts.

So far I’ve only been contacted by 1 finata and 1 Gloviathosa settlement, would have hoped more people were interested what with the outcry about footfall… settlement owners should join the tour too! You don’t get coin from yourself, but if each other owner is there we all get some!

My buy basket prices are up for discussion! All sellers come by, have a look, and let me know what prices would make you part with your resources by dropping a vote in the voting booth!

Location: XMAS BRGR, ULTIMA CITY, due north of the portals

Also, any settlements interested in being part of the footfall tour are encouraged to come do the same, I’m setting up a separate box for you as we speak. I’ll keep entries open until we have 10 settlements or until the end of week, at which point we’ll het regular tours going or scrap the whole idea :hugs:


Hi All!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the vote for basket prices!

Currently I’m quite busy with RL & year end stuff, not to mention poor connection (from my side don’t worry). As such the BRGR will remain at current prices while stocks last, and I’ll coin baskets as and when items run out.


The people have spoken! All applications / settlement tokens for the first footfall tour have been collected, the basket will be removed today.

Due to a lack of interest, we can only assume everybody is enjoying what footfall they are receiving, which in itself is great news! I will however not continue to try and get this community event up and going, but anyone else is welcome to try :+1:

Thank you for your continued patronage and hope to feed you soon.



This thread will be left to decay, please dont respond here. I’ll be opening a new post for the BRGR franchise (hidden spoiler right there!)