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This is the problem. Lets say for arguments sake only, that your post was off topic. So the flag was appropriate. But if the other off topic posts are not flagged does that make flagging yours wrong?
Is the person flagging a post expected to flag every post that might be off topic? If they do not does it look like trolling? If the reviewer agrees your post was off topic then how do they balance the fact that it was with the fact other off topic posts exist in the thread?

This one may be a no win.

Yes absolutely it does feel like trolling then. Worse when 2 posts have been flagged and one is undone by a mod, I assume, and the other is not means that something else is being taken into consideration which is just odd and feels like it is somehow personal and doesn’t exactly make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside…

OK I definitely understand the point that if two are flagged and only one is undone, that it could create bad feelings. If both were hidden for off topic then at least it would appear more consistent. I wonder if you can still remove flags like you could before? I wonder if the player that flagged the other post removed their flag?

Edit: interesting I can flag my own post. .

LOL, that’s weird…

Yeah, feels ehmm, rather off to me like this. And even so, the flagger(s) should then also flag all the other posts if they wanna be consistent, ah well…

There are more important things to worry about!

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Worst kind of abuse i seeing in the forums past few months is when a posts goes up with a position and others reply back not agreeing and then state why. Then they get flagged. Mainly from what i can see that is against the position being made against them. To me came off as if you going to say something that your not agreeing with them, they use flagging to get ride of your post or hide it. Hmm, im sure me calling out some names would get this post flagged. But leaving as “they” save me from violating the forum guidelines. But not allow me to point out examples of my claims.


So now my own OP has been flagged and hidden. I’m sorry, this is obviously trolling and why I have stopped posting anything here lately.

Super frustrating and immature.


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THIS exactly! I had no idea the post had even drifted off topic to be honest. Sometimes things turn organically in a conversation.

Now this definitely cant be off topic or offensive. And anyone who reported the OP should have their flagging privilege removed plain and simple

Wasting mod and dev time


Recent update seems to have changed how flagging works. It looks like users can build a flag accuracy rating, with players with higher accuracy (their flags are appropriate and approved when later reviewed by a MOD) having greater weight put on their flags. At the highest level, just a single flag from this user may hide a post. At the opposite end of the spectrum, those with low accuracy are outright ignored.

If that’s all true, then it will take a bit of an adjustment period for the flagging profiles to balance out as the devs approve or over rule all flags up for review. Hopefully after a brief period of time, the system will balance out and we will see much greater accuracy and accountability in user generated moderation.


Especially since it seems rather random, the ones doing it aren’t consistent at all.

And what you say is what I’ve been considering too, post less, not fun like this…

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The forum software contains a Trust level and Flag Success rate for all members.

When you flag posts, if a moderator agrees with your flag, then you score a success and increase your overall trust level - if not a failure and decrease your overall trust level. Some members have a high success rate. Some a low success rate.

Previously these scores were included in the moderation queue as guidance for us when reviewing flags. We would then review the moderation queue agreeing or disagreeing, hiding / unhiding / deleting / etc as required.

If multiple players flagged a post then it would automatically be hidden - until reviewed.

If a thread hit a flag limit it would automatically be closed for a period. During this period the queue is supposed to be cleaned by a moderator. If the queue hasn’t been cleared, then when the close timer expired the queue would auto-reclose again because the thread still contained too many flags.

The recent forum software update has switched from the training mode into an active mode. If a post is flagged by enough players with enough trust rating, then action will be taken automatically. Some players are much stricter about off-top and in-appropriate posting. In the past this didn’t have any effect. But now it can result in a post being hidden. Even when this happens the flag still shows up in the queue to be reviewed. If a moderator agrees then the player increases their trust level, if we disagree the post is restored and they lose some trust.

At the moment some players likely have more trust then they should. This will only be resolved by us processing the moderation queue.

I think ultimately this is a good system - as it empowered the community to self moderate. We’re not always online and engaged in a thread.

But can it be abused? No - players need to build up their trust level. If you do abuse it then you’ll lose your trust level and will no longer be able to flag posts.

The possible false positives that are happening at the moment is because we’ve not been strict enough reviewing the queue in the past - so players don’t have the correct success rates. We’re going to make sure we work through the queue.

Why are some posts un-hidden and others not? Simply because the queue is presented in an urgency order and I will have likely processed a few items in the queue.

What needs to be done:

  1. Players need to use the flagging mechanism to help moderate the forum. Trust the flag and don’t get into fights.
  2. Moderators need to make sure we’re reviewing the flags and helping players establish the correct trust levels. Then the false-positives will reduce.
  3. We should be giving clear public guidance on what is allowable on/off topic posts, necro-posting, etc.

In general players do take the flagging seriously and I don’t see anyone using it as a trolling tool - as I said above - players just have different levels for off-topic / in-appropriate / etc posting.


Maybe, and quite frankly a reasonable response, but still no reason to flag it, though. It just seems to me that flagging should be a last resort, or saved for real infractions. Honestly, I think I’ve only flagged once or twice… I either say something or keep scrolling. Like H20 on a duck. Lol

@Havok40k I think I understand what you are saying, but by that logic wouldn’t the person flagging already have the trust of the system from prior flagging accuracy? Why would they suddenly abuse it now over something so ridiculous? Or, possibly I’m reading it incorrectly, which is completely possible.

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Wow james, sounds like assisted machine learning, clever implementation! Hmm if i never flag anyone, i guess i will have no score, or i get flagged by others means i have negative trust?


Its the eve online picture. Nobody trusts us former eve players. Trust levels will even out, and those who abuse the system will self identify to the system.


A little disappointing to see topic-relevant jokes get flagged as off-topic, when I’m just trying to lighten the atmosphere. :frowning:


Yeah the Oort elf getting alittle too serious… it needs alittle ha to kill the bug up it’s chimney!! Bahaha!!!

I suspect this is flagged in 2 mins max!!


I have also seen things that might be “off topic” get marked that way and from what I know a mod can flag it instantly instead of needing the 10 people or so.

It would be nice to at least see WHY it was flagged.

I’ve seen that before. I’ve seen cases where I swear people have caused stuff to get a thread locked with a topic they didn’t agree with. BUT,

Got to let the jokes fly every now and then, a few flags wont stop me. Even if it costs me my regular tag!


Heh, yeah, like I’ve joked before, eventually my sense of humor is probably going to get me banned… :rofl: I’m very guilty of derailing stuff also, unlike IRL where I’m quite quiet, online I don’t hold back much… :sweat_smile:

I end up deleting at least half of the stuff i want to post. My sense of humor would definitely get me in trouble here :joy: