Holidays and why they are happening

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To hinder furhter derailment of the thread

I thought it would be an idea to move the discussion over here. Which kind of holidays do you want to see in Oort and why are they happening?


@KuroKuma have a point if holidays is going to be a thing they need to be happening because of a somewhat consistent reasons.


I’d love to see some kind of Halloween,where you wear different colored armor suits,and you get free stuff from shops that enable it.


I’d find it interesting to have lore-holidays - like gamespecific holidays which apply to the races and lore in the world of Oort.
Again it is interesting. To celebrate real life holidays in a game is not bad, and I also already had a Halloween celebration in Eve-Online years ago, which was very funny and relaxing. But creating holidays which apply to the world of Oort would be very challenging and sth. new. :slight_smile:

Not sure if it’s new after a bit of consideration. I believe WoW has lore-related holidays.


Most of WoW’s holidays are placed on normal holidays though with a few original ones.

A few holidays that would make sense to appear without very much lore:

  • Midsummer
  • Midwinter

Halloween could be added quite easily with the standard explenation of the wall to the spirit world weakening.


I´d be fine if they add as much lore to the game as Mojang added to Minecraft (none :smile:).

But I´d love it if they would add small easter-eggs during the holidays like:

  • Christmas: The world regeneration generates trees with red/green/golden gleam in the foliage.
  • Easter: Random “nests/eggs” are generated during the world regeneration that can be consumed if you interact with them and restore some health like food does.
  • Valentines: Double exp,loot etc. if you play together with a friend.
  • Oktoberfest: :beer:
  • Halloween: Creature ghosts wandering around (a killed creature appears again in a slightly transparent version and passively wanders around it´s corpse for a minute).

I think none of these wold be too hard to add and things like that always make me instantly love that game :smile:


I agree with this.

But it doesn’t hurt to talk about things.

They wouldn’t have to. It’d be nice if they did, but it’d be just as easy to say that there’s a dimensional rift or a certain eclipse or the stars align at a set time every year to cause effect x, y, or z, or so on. Lore is only as restricted as you make it, and Oort has a lot of leeway for now. GW2 for example has the Mad King Halloween event that happens every year.


To be clear, I agree with zouls that holidays should be a lore based thing. Many of the seasonal holidays just don’t make sense in a universe with multiple worlds, potentially with different seasons or no changing seasons at all. That being said, I don’t feel that players have to justify their personal builds with the game’s lore, so the props they use should not have to either. If I want to import snow and ice to Gihns Desert and build a winter wonder land, I should be able to access wintery props any time of the year to compliment my build.

If the devs want to incorporate holiday themes into the game universally, then they could do it by decorating pre-generated buildings like Temples or entities such as Titans and Protectors. The players creativity should be unhindered by lore.

Isnt that what we call summer and winter solstice? or am i wrong.

Also many of the events from our world are very western, for example christmas, christmas is seen in quite a bit of games but they are a christian holiday, i know it isnt really seen like that anymore that is the case.

i think it would be great to have holidays and events, but NONE that has anything to do with the real world. i dont think christmas should be a thing, i dont think halloween should be a thing, while they are interesting i just find them sort of intrusive on game, and yes i know you could make a sort of ‘‘well it works excactly like halloween but here is a weak reason why it should be in the game’’

i think we could do so much more, explore much more than just western events that are seen in games, make actual events in the lore that makes sense, our own traditions.

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There is a difference in hindering a person to do something and just not giving them the tools to make it easy, we already have a sort of winterland but i cant remember who made it, i think it was @Cirlex. i was not saying that people shouldnt be allowed to do that, i was just saying that i personally dont think they should make probs with the earth seasonal events in mind, but i do realize that it might just be me taking it too seriously.


I see where you’re coming from with this opinion. My suggestion is merely accommodating other players who may come to Oort for the crafting rather than the lore or role play. My belief is that while the game may have specific lore and limited directions for progression, then as a sandbox game there should be no limit to how a player builds. I know loads of players would just want to decorate their homes with RL seasons and holidays, so they should be able to do so. :seedling: :sunny: :fallen_leaf: :snowflake:


Oh yeah thats right.

As you said for a lot of people it isn’t celebrated as a christian holiday anymore. For most of the northern world it was just a party hold in the middle of the winter (see winter solstice) because now it began to become warmer again.

Halloween is celebrated in different variations all over the world and has been done for centuries.

The point of having corresponding holidays to what happens in real life is that people are in holiday mood anyway. If people have been looking forward to halloween what better way to build up a mood than discover something ghostly is happening in Oort?

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The problem in logic for me is the fact that 24 hours in the game is obviously not 24 hours in real life, actually atm 1 min is 1 hour, so real life events just doesnt seem to apply too well to that, unless ofc we made the ingame calender mirror ours only 60 times longer

‘‘what date is it today?’’ ‘‘oh let me look… its the 1440th of december, which means its chrismas eve for the next 60 days, yaaaay’’

a thing that ties into this would be this post

i think we should build a calender from scratch, or we have to change the day/night cycle, the problem i also see with that is that i suspect the different worlds will have different day/night cycles.

I think everyone will just use standard minutes, hours etc for time measurement, regardless of the day/night circle of the world.

This is indeed how it usually happens in most games I’ve played.

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How many of said games have a 24 minute day/night cycle ? the only MMOS i can think of didnt even have day night cycles so they just real time for everything.

How does the day/night circle relate to this?
People/players just tend to use the real-world time because it is convenient and everyone is used to it.

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Isn’t minecraft’s cycle like 10 mins each or something? But I’m not about to tell someone that I’ll go to the end with them in 2 minutes and be there is like 0.00234 seconds or whatever the math is.

I think most people playing Oort aren’t going to be able to adapt all sense of time to the game’s day/night cycles. It’s just not how people are wired. If you want to roleplay that a day is 24 minutes and want to make your character “sleep” at night where you just do nothing for 8 minutes, that’s on you.

But I’m guessing many players aren’t going to say to each other “I’ll see you tomorrow!” and then show up in 24 minutes and be like “Hey, I’m here, we’ve got 10 hours (10 minutes in the real world) to find a titan and kill it before I need to think about sleeping…” Constraining play like that seems really…well…strange and inefficient.

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Also seems weird to have holidays at all then. What’s the point if you only have 24 minutes to log in and celebrate?

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Nobody says a holiday literally only have to last one day, neither did i mean that we should have a 1:1 scale day/night ratio, i just dont think you should blatantly dismiss calenders or events, cause that seems to be what you are saying ‘‘we dont need it, we only need to use real time anyways’’ i think thats just not the way to go, but it depends on how you view games i guess, as i said a million times by now ‘‘i want oort to feel like a WORLD, not just a game, i think it should be supported by lore and ingame calenders’’ instead of just ‘‘eh we will just use real time for everything, events included’’ cause lets assume that is the case, lets assume i can use my example of a solar eclipse, lets assume it comes every month and lasts for 1 hour ingame time, that would logically mean that it appears more or less completely randomly in the actual game. if you can ignore that then fine, then it works, i just dont think you should.

there is a difference on ONLY using ingame time which you seem to imply and then use ingame times for actual ingame events which i think should be done. time is a fickle thing, we see a day as one trip by the earth around the sun, but maybe in the world of Oort online (we really need a name for the universe) it might be defined as 10 day/night cycles, or 15 day/night cycles. maybe what we define as 1 hour would be 3 day/night cycles for them, but they still call it something like an hour. you see? i know its a bit unclear and i am horrible at explaining it, im just saying ‘‘dont treat it as if ingame time doesnt mean ANYTHING’’