How did you make your millions?

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This one goes out to all those multi-millionaires out there - the boundless 2%-ers. :slight_smile:

Edit: my intent is not to complain. It’s just an inquiry on how folks transition from resource gathering income to an established buy/craft/sell form of economics.

TLDR: Just wondering how you make your coin?

I’m familiar with the basic economic activities: Beans, orbs, sponge, essence minting, gleam doors, mining for ores/gems etc. And I know how to use these techniques to make roughly 60k/hr if I wanted some quick cash for shopping.

And i do also run a plant/fungus shop which keeps up a decent coin-flow. I’d love to give the shop more attention to maintain a good variety of colors and bulk inventory levels - but I find I’m spending more and more time on these basic economic activities to fund my building expenses which leaves little time to actually stock my shelves.

What I’ve been thinking about is advanced economic strategies to generate coin from investment rather than active gameplay hours. Not looking to be the richest player in game - but rather just want to be able to buy bulk building materials for large projects without having to grind for three weeks straight.

For example: How do i turn 300k coin into 3 million coin without having to farm sponge/shims for 72 hours straight - or hollow out entire planets looking for gems/lucents?

So I’m wondering if any multi-millionaires out there would share how they did it? What was your road to riches? Or perhaps advise on strategies that wouldn’t interfere with their own operations?


I think time is the key. But I´ll have some tips, too. I have 1700hours playtime an only 1 mill coins and that was a very very very hard and frustrating way to reach that.


Hunt everyday and sell everything. Thats the best advice to make quick coin.


Forge my life away…


Here’s how I made >9 million:

  • Buy a fully coiled Chrysominter - brought mine with 120k and made since then >1 million with it by minting essences and such. People usually sell raw ingredients below value (fully coiled gives 140% more than stated minting value)
  • Farm kindling - I got lucky to be one of the first on a kindling exo - got >6000 kernels (which are worth a lot in themselves) and I am farming them once a week. Produce can be sold for 120k / week.
  • Farm combustion - easy to acquire - I farm >5000 (from same exo, but can be found on normal planets) - can be sold for 72k / week
  • Invest in having 10 of each machine - fully coiled - it comes handy when you need to mass process stuff for the minter
  • Biggest part of my fortunes, around 9 million, comes mainly from using BUTT (the Boundless Universal Trade Tracker) - I got to know the portal network very well so I was quickly buying low and selling high. I could sometimes make >100k from just reselling.
  • Go visit high gem resource mines - with AoE hammer and speed brew - I think it makes you 100-200k / hour
  • Be the first one on the exo’s - they are mined out the second day and not worth visiting for rare materials
  • Hunt road-runners on high tier worlds and sell the glands (I keep all for mega speed brews which I use when mining)
  • Join the beginner hunts and sell the Oortstone (or keep and fuel your own portals)

I hope this is more specific than “go hunt” or “go mine” advice :slight_smile:
There might be “better” ways but if so, nobody is sharing that information. But I do encourage people to think about it.

ps. Proof



Thank! Yea Hunting is definitely a good way to make some coin. Does this keep your coffers full?

I average around 50k/hr on a T3/T4 hunt. That would take 20 play hours to reach 1 million. And would require continued gameplay to sustain that cash flow…

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Lol… i have heard that forging is where the big money is. Been thinking about whether or not i should bite the bullet to learn it…


I know that some used to do their coins through Footfall, as it used to be a different system. I didn’t use it as I thought it was an exploit.

I can also dare to say that you need at least one planet of your own (PaytoWin) where you can farm on your own, so you definitely get enough to sell, since all official planets are often empty.

Then definitely not always only with the big ones. Usually it is the small ones who offer the significantly better prices and yes this takes time, a lot of time.

It’s an MMO and you always need time, a lot of time. And people with a real life will always be disadvantaged in such games, it always was and will always be. Even with the many hours of play, I still have a RealLife, I don’t do a lot because I’m on a disability pension and have a pronounced Soziel phobia, but I do something. In addition, I often enjoy looking at seats in the game or admiring the sunrises and sunsets for hours.

But if you want to earn coins, then you have no other choice than hours of hard work, which is not really fun, as in real life.


You didn’t sell the Oort than :sweat_smile: should have had enough Oort to get you more than 50k by itself :sweat_smile:

Unless it was a small group but even then would think it should have been enough.

Mining is a great way to make money. There’s a lot of great sovs out there that can bet you close to 1k gems per hammer(unless you’re wasteful with the dura like I am :rofl:)

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Just play the game. U will make millions easy enough. I spend a 1 million a week and sell that to match. Mine if u like mining. I always buy mass amounts. You like hunting. Sell your loot. U enjoy running around, get mushrooms get beans. Inky leaf. Opals. ECT. There is always something for someone. It really ain’t that hard. I have made a alot of coin . But I don’t horde it. I spend it. Share the love. Help everyone. Boundless is a community after all.


I made almost all my coin simply mining. First thing is to take EVERYTHING.

One of the biggest tricks I learnt for some seriously quick and easy coin was to go to a T7 (Especially umbris) just before it was due tool expire, then go gather all the nicely exposed fossils. I could easily get 5 or 6ss in an hour and didn’t waste a single hit of my hammer.

Finally, and definitely the most “aggressive” tactic I used once I had 10m was to buy out market, then wait for it to rise before selling off. Before I went on break I had bought 40k ish of spicy beans for around 12-15c. We all know where they are now :slight_smile: . If I saw something had a very low price compared to demand, and could easily be bought out I went and did it


I did though. After a 2 hour T3 hunt i made 101k from selling Oort. Sold most other parts as well, kept some blood for myself. But net roughly 50-60k per hour when it was all said and done.

T3 hunts won’t earn you as much as t6 or t5. Trophies are were the money is (as well as oort)


I mean, if grinding raw materials (beans/orbs/gems/hunts) is really what everyone is doing to make their coin then I guess I’ve got the strategy i just need to put in more time. But then early game economics are essentially exactly the same as late game…

I was really wondering about activities like buying low selling high, or which crafting markets are most profitable.


  1. What is Park doing with the ore they’re buying? They’re actually buying above market value. Is that being smelted down for more coils? Or going into the deco metals market for filigree, circuit, and octogrid?
  2. Is the marble/mosaic market still profitable? Or is everyone crafting on their own?
  3. Are there any gaps in the craftables market in general? Or are raw ingredients really the way to go?
  4. In what markets might it be profitable to buy ingredients, craft, and sell some product?

All right, Im sorry if I’m going to ramble for a minute, but this isn’t a cut and dried question.

First, there’s two kinds of players here, and it seems to be at the root of these conversations and a divide between “I’m always broke” and “coins fall into my lap”. If you’re always broke then you need to figure out where your coins always go, and do some of that.

This has two effects, it saves you coin and it makes you coin. Problem (partially) solved, right?

I handled millions of coins before I ever put a million into a single pile and I think a lot of people in this game overlook their wealth to talk about their coin, too.

These hunts are basically for nothing but oort. T4 isn’t much better. If you want the valuable forge ingredients as loot you have to get on some T6 hunts.

There are lots of ways to make coins, IMO you can at least pick one that isn’t objectionable to you, and other than coin you don’t really need the output. It’s fine if that includes the minter but it’s better if it includes something that has a use and works into the economy.

Sap and Trunk got me into having “a few” million, just by handling sheer volume. I handled other stuff too, I had so many refined stone I had other people processing them in my shop.

That’s just one thing, I played a lot I could go on. But I spend money, once in a sort of ‘race’ with Aenea I hit 18m, it’s the most I ever had. Most of the time I have less than 10m. But once you have a couple million on hand pretty much any avenue in the game is open to you, if you want more coin.

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I don’t mean to sound like I’m complaining. I’m not broke. I make enough to finance my needs and a little extra to splurge on quality building materials.

I was really just curious if there were any more advanced strategies to working within the market as opposed to harvesting raw resources.

U can see quite clearly park sells advance coils. Hence why he needs metals.also for his awesome build. There’s other ways to make coin. But why give away all. It’s like buying a puzzle book with the answer already done…explore the game. Try new things out

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U could make a compaction farm. Peaty farm put request basket s. Compact it sell spark. I done this . I made money and didn’t have to do much.

Hmmm ok…

Beans are an early game strategy, and they’re great if/when you enjoy the gathering. They’re always good coin. They’re easy money, and if you’re looking to stockpile coins that’s not always the best money. But this is a game, so the balance depends on what you enjoy doing with your time.

Orbs are no longer a gathering issue. They’re regen block farmed to a commodity level, the minter is attractive to people right now. Gems are their own market. Hunting is for hunters.

If you like hunting, it’s good money. But it doesn’t look like (public) T6 hunts are every day activities in multiple time zones right now. But you might find a smaller group to hunt with.

Have you seen any of his builds? He’s reclaimed a lot but he might just be spending profits to build his next 20k plot masterpiece. Or, maybe aliens :alien:

I’ve seen some vicious competition on marble prices, but people burn out too. If you maintain a nice selection of blocks you’ll get some customers. I’m not active in the current market so couldn’t tell you what types or colors are popular this instant.

Always make whatever XP you can from your loot. If you’re not gathering it to sell, process it to a useful phase and sell it to someone with less time, or machines, or whatever. Avoid selling raw materials, in most cases. Again excluding raw materials or something harvested to serve a current market, or tht you have surplus from your playtime.

Varies frequently. Learn about the minter though, and watch for large dumps of items that can be processed into profitable forms.

As for the advice about markets, you run a plant shop don’t forget to shop around for plants. I used to buy plants whenever I saw them for less than the base value of their loot and sometimes it was a lot of plants.

To sum up a bit:

  • If you want or need more coin, set aside some time to make some coin.
  • Look at your loot management, what are you hoarding, or underselling.
  • Make your stuff available if you actually want to sell it.
  • Watch for large competitive opportunities that suit your game.

I’m not sure what else :rofl:


I did Millions with with marble but i Had really huge Stock talking about constant 750k marble in Sale so everyone knew yep there i Go If i Need marble . Also i did huge Orders , this i would do today too .
I ve spent over 20 Millions then in my kindling Farm and extended this to a size i can harldy Yield Same with combustion so i can sell this RAW or as Concrete and the Other coins i spent in forging RAW Material Like beans and having done this i got even more.

And the Other Thing IS i Go minig so you get rich alone from that really fast .
Hunts are Like the Others Said also a great way to earn Money.