How long does regeneration take?

Does it happen the same time every day or after a certain amount of time once a plot is removed?

Well there’s block regen and resource regen. Block regen starts after 6hrs iirc. And resource is something like 24. But when someone walks on to the section in question it pauses the timer. I don’t remember for how long tho. I do know it’s paused for the entire time they are on the plot.

Here’s a lengthy post with comments from devs on parts of it

And another one

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Im sorty.

What is iirc?

If I remember correctly

block regen starts at 4 hours I heard

This is the relevant post with actual numbers.

I posted that and I posted the one that they did after that. But thank you.

It’s a different post in the same topic, yes. The one you linked doesn’t really explain the mechanics. I think most readers won’t have the patience to shift through all the posts to find the relevant info :smiley:

The plain answer is about three days for full regen with resources and everything. That’s about how long it takes my mine to bounce back anyway. I usually give it a week just to be sure. Like they said above, though, it doesn’t take long for the effect to start up.

Quick thought: the other morning, I was digging up some silty soil and clay a few plots outside of one of my houses. Later that afternoon, I had came back and noticed the hole still mostly there. But, it had started regenerating from the deepest part of the hole, and working its way up towards the surface. Kinda neat to see

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