I am making an uber-basic tutorial webpage for noobs, I am looking for content authors

It will have a limited number of categories. Basically the idea is that it will be on the web at an easily accessible and easy to remember website, and it will be a simple, short read for newer players.

Working on an in-game version of this too now :blush:
Edit: Ok! Getting farther along in planning the in game version. Boundless University!

Here is the current idea for a layout:

Sorry forums won’t let me post a PDF :weary:

If you are feeling up to it, please write a 2-3 paragraph section for new players under one of the following topic areas. For example, to use teaching pies for leveling. Or that AoE exists for mining. Or that you need the portal skills to go to exos.

It should answer the question “If you had only 10-20 sentences to tell a new player about this topic, what would you tell them”?

Looking for both categories and for content authors (writers)

Here is what I have so far:

  • Beacons/Refueling (Don’t Lose Your Stuff!)

  • Starting out (starter planets, be near a hub, machines etc)

  • Knowledge Tab/Shop Scanner

  • Shopping/Choosing Equipment

  • Running a shop/taxes/pricing/malls

  • Locations, location tokens and warping

  • Portals and warps

  • Portal Networks

  • Leveling

  • Skill Pages

  • Augments

  • Building

  • Chiseling

  • Liquids

  • Grappling

  • Enemies/Combat

  • Hunting/meteors

  • Mining (have an author volunteer)

  • Farming

  • Harvesting (wild resources)

  • Crafting

  • Forging

  • Pies & Brews

  • Atlases

  • T4, T5 and T6

  • Exoplanets (including T7)

  • Locks


First thing on this entire list should be “Knowledge” and how to use it.

If players new how to use this resource it would save 90% of the questions that get asked here and on discord.


I’d add a section for shopping/choosing equipment too. Tool stats and what they mean, their effectiveness for certain tasks, quirks and their uses, skill page setups for certain tasks, etc. Unless all that falls under other categories

Great call on this and you too coolpants




Dont forget the making of and use of Atlases.

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Good call, added


Dangers, solidifying, how to collect, difference between buckets of water and water, melting ice for water, water colour always reverts to planet default, etc

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How to turn off plot view, I have seen often new players on stream asking what is that cube :smiley:


loot magnets and light sticks
Augments and how/which to use


Looking for content authors

All this info will go online and also in-game on signs at “Boundless University”

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All land ownership in the game is based on 8x8x8 block cubes called “plots”. To build a long lasting base in boundless, you need to build a “Beacon” at a crafting table, place it in a plot and fill it with “Beacon Fuel” (also made at a crafting table). You can increase the size of your personal area using “Beacon Plotters”, or reduce it with “Beacon Plot Removers”. You will need to buy plots from “The Exchange” using “Cubits”, an in-game currency earned from leveling up and/or from micro transactions. Anything you build outside your plotted area will disappear to “World Regeneration”. You must also fuel your beacon every 4 weeks or it will disappear (there are higher level beacon fuels that last up to 16 weeks, and you can pay via micro transactions to not have to fuel beacons)

Isn’t Gleam Club considered a subscription?

Starting out
It is good to pick a starting location near some sort of portal hub so that you can easily transit the Boundless universe. Portals are indicated by a purple “doorway” icon at the top of your screen on the compass. It is also suggested that you first build on a “low tier” planet, T1 or T2, where the enemies are less dangerous and less aggressive. It is helpful to ask for advice where to start using in game chat or forums.playboundless.com. You will probably want to start off by building a crafting table and a workbench. Ultimately there are seven different types of workstations, plus the crafting table, and a few other quasi-workstations.

Same diff?

Crafting can be done in your inventory (hand crafting), at a crafting table, in a furnace or at one of seven workstations. Furnaces require flammable fuels to run, while the other machines do not, though some recipes require spark (“electricity”) to power their machines. Which you use will depend on the recipe. You also need crafting skills earned through level ups (on your character sheet) to make many crafts. It is very helpful to use the “Knowledge Tab” (more info on this in a separate tutorial) to learn which machine is used, which ingredients and which crafting skills are required to make a craft. It is strongly suggested that you learn the “Mass Crafting” skill, as mass crafting in larger batches saves you 28% of the ingredient (and spark cost). Some recipes require “Spark” to craft; you make spark in a spark generator using coal or other flammable fuels, and you output the spark to your machines using spark links. Some recipes require “Power” to craft, which comes from power coils. Regular power coils produce 100 power each, and advanced power coils produce 300 power each. Any power you have beyond the power requirements will reduce your crafting time and spark cost, so having “fully coiled” machines with 24 advanced coils will save you money. As you use machines, they take “wear and tear” and need to be repaired periodically with a repair spanner. It is also helpful to eat a teaching pie if you are doing a bunch of crafts, as it doubles your XP for the next 75,000 XP earned. Some recipes take a long time to craft, so it is helpful to plan ahead!

Portals and warps
Portals and Warps are the main way of getting around the Boundless universe. Portals are free to use (the portal owner pays in oort shards, crafted from raw oort in a refinery workstation), while warps cost coin. It is much more economical to use warps for any transit that will only be used a few times a day for personal use, compared to portals. The distance between the planets (known as “blinksecs”) determines the cost. You can warp to any planet, but you can only portal up to ?25 blinksecs. Any farther planets require multiple portal hops. To create a portal, you build identical sized “portal conduits” at both ends, then take a portal token from one end and insert it, along with oort, into the other end. Opening a portal requires the “Portal Epic” skill earned through leveling up. Portals with distances beyond 2 blinksecs will require skill ranks in the additional skill “Warp and Portal Distance” with more tiers required for greater distances.The skills are only needed to open the portal, though, so you can get a friend to do it for you. Portals require periodic refueling with oort shards - the farther the distance, the more oort shards a portal consumes.

A section on skill pages and character builds.
It should also mention the free skill resets until lvl 20
As that is very handy.

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You get free resets till lv20? Lol missed the boat on that one

Haha yep whenever I meet a noob I always tell them that one.
It’s key in getting through some of the early journal tasks as you can put all your points into one area and get the task done faster.
Also once you level up enough to get planetary protections you can then run a network and get do for every planet and region.