🎁 I wish we could leave gifts for players and likes on their builds

I would love more than anything to go around and leave little gifts at each shop/house/workshop that I wanted to. It would be fun to see people get a pleasant surprise.

And it would be cool if I could leave a heart mark, a like, a thumb’s up at an interactive block that someone placed at their build. I know I can PM if they have a mailbox, but my PM is wonky sometimes.

I think this has been suggested before, but it would also be nice if there was an interactive block or special shop stand that we could use to give out goodies. For instance, I put 500 rose vases in the stand and then click on an up down arrow to select the max # of items that each account/player can take. (This way, one person can’t take them all). If something can hold that much data somehow…maybe not…dunno.


Omg please! All of it lol

If there is a mailbox at a player’s shop or build, and I like it, I tell them how cool it is :smiley:

It’d be awesome to “like” player’s stuff, and give gifts :grin:

(Also really love that last idea too)


Great idea!
Maybe just expand on the mailbox functionality, it could use a little more usefulness. Most other online games I’ve played have an actual letter item that is sent. Make the mailbox more like a machine with a bit of storage and a way to craft a letter.


That would be cool! I always send people messages if I can find a mailbox. Who knows if or when they get it though, the chat system is somewhat delayed :<


I felt so bad for the new person that we were helping get set up yesterday. We thought he wasn’t saying anything, but he was waving. After 10 minutes or so, I got like six PMs at once. :anguished:




Y E S !


Thank you for posting those :+1: I know I’d seen at least one or two suggested before. I really hope they will add them. :blush:


I want this so bad!


I liked parts of those suggestions but not structures including rewards for “likes”, which seems cheesey. Otherwise I hope to boost somebody’s day by letting them know I think their project is cool.

I think it might have to be kept as simple as possible for the data to be held/accessed.

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Yes, there should be no gameplay benefit attached otherwise it will be cheesed and that defeats the purpose.


Could you attach these as functions to the mailbox overtime?

I would love to be able to leave gifts for random players and have something like a shop stand that would allow a set amount of an item per account.


That would be awesome I’ve seen a lot awesome builds that deserve gifts :gift::raised_hands:t2:


:heart: X 1000 on this one!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Could a request basket maybe be modified to serve as a leave-anything gift for free maybe? If you set a price at zero it sort of does the same, maybe change the look a bit and perhaps allow people to unselect things from a master list of items (so someone doesn’t go and fill it up with sand or something) that they really don’t want in there, for space purposes.

Love this so much Vex! :smiley:


This is the best idea ever.


about the likes arent people who dont get likes gonna be sad?
love the gifts idea also i would like mail to be more like an actual letter thing instead off a pm message the give away thing i like to and also like to trow in the guest book idea that many had

That is not a bad idea. Maybe say a player can only put items in one slot until it is emptied. To keep it from being filled with sand.


almost like when we did the valentines day even where we gave each other something.

I could see an asset that people interact with that tracks the “likes” or good will or whatever. Obviously beauty is in the eye of the beholder but it isn’t a bad idea to allow people to give gifts like this. I don’t know how the data would be tracked either…

I do see it as a 1 time per account like per beacon or something. I wouldn’t want spamming or cheating done. I also feel this is only for vanity sake or praise sake and not linked to any benefits.

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Would love to be able to send items through mail, whether for gifts or whatever. It was said to be on the todo list some time ago, so hopefully still is.

James’ old response here:

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