Incredible Forge | Budget 💰 3x3 T1 - T7 Tools (Now with Liquid Collectors & Chisels!)

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The Incredible Forge is revitalised, but this time it’s a bit different. There’s a large stock of cheap optimal 2-boon AoE tools to 1-hit every material on every planet! (With max skills).

2 boons means that the tools have have AoE and Damage + random 3rd boon, usually magnet. Up to T3 can be done without damage, so those have Dura (at least lvl 4, usually higher) instead of damage.

All hammers are in stock from now on, shovels and axes are still a bit WIP since I require more coin to properly stock them

Where (Directions)

Located SE of TNT Megahub, if you don’t know how to reach the hub, let me know where you’re coming from and I’ll find you a route :slight_smile:

What's used for what

Soft Shovels for:
Silty Soil, Sand, Peat, Clay etc.

Hard Shovels for:
Growth, Mould etc.

Soft Axes for:
Foliage (Tangle??)

Hard Axes for:

“Soft” Hammers for:
Rock, Gleam etc. (Corruption?)

Seam Hammers for:

Price List

T1 / T2
2000c | Shovel - Soft (Titanium)
3000c | Shovel - Hard (Topaz)
2000c | Axe - Soft (Titanium)
3000c | Axe - Hard (Topaz)
3000c | Hammer - Soft (Topaz)
5000c | Hammer - Seam (Topaz)

3000c | Shovel - Soft (Sapphire)
3000c | Shovel - Hard (Diamond)
3000c | Axe - Soft (Sapphire)
3000c | Axe - Hard (Diamond)
3000c | Hammer - Soft (Diamond)
6000c | Hammer - Seam (Ruby)

3000c | Shovel - Soft (Diamond)
5000c | Shovel - Hard (Topaz)
3000c | Axe - Soft (Diamond)
5000c | Axe - Hard (Topaz)
5000c | Hammer - Soft (Topaz)
5000c | Hammer - Seam (Diamond)

5000c | Shovel - Soft (Topaz)
6000c | Shovel - Hard (Ruby)
5000c | Axe - Soft (Topaz)
6000c | Axe - Hard (Ruby)
6000c | Hammer - Soft (Ruby)

6000c | Shovel - Soft (Ruby)
6000c | Shovel - Hard (Diamond)
6000c | Axe - Soft (Ruby)
6000c | Axe - Hard (Diamond)
6000c | Hammer - Soft (Diamond)

5000c | Shovel - Soft (Diamond)
7000c | Shovel - Hard (Diamond with brew)
5000c | Axe - Soft (Diamond)
7000c | Axe - Hard (Diamond with brew)
7000c | Hammer - Soft (Diamond with brew)


I believe I have found my new hammer shop :slight_smile:

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I see some mobs are spawning close to the place and getting inside… I’m sorry about this, I’ll try to sort it out :smiley:

I’ll kill them on my way haha


Stocked a few hammers for the weekend :slight_smile:


Hey just out of curiosity, have you tried forging sapphire or ruby for your T7 tools?,3,4,9,9,1,5,1,5,0,0,0,9,0,0

These are what I’ve been using for T7 and they’re a big improvement over the Diamond with higher base speed, durability and lower energy use.

I’m not sure if they would be compatible with your forging method is the only thing.

Great shop though, I wish I could churn out the tools in such numbers!

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Ruby I could do yes, but I’m using diamond to skimp on the brews, you need just a minor brew with lvl 9 diamond :smiley:

Yep that I can appreciate :slight_smile:

I could probably offer more variants in the future though, that would be a prime candidate for one. It’s only a matter of coin to expand atm, my production line is at about 20% capacity atm so there’s plenty free.

My main goal was to get the most price optimal tools on each tier available first, then expand to more variants and maybe weapons too and other mid-tier forges.


You have most definitely achieved that, great prices for great tools. And I like how you have them all categorized neatly for their designed end use/tier.

And wow @ only 20% capacity. I put myself through the misery of 3 boon forging for my shop so I’m completely at the mercy of the RNG gods, they decide how many forges I can get done in a set time. Sometimes its 20 perfect hammers in 20 minutes. Other times its 50 deconstructs and no hammers and lots of hair pulling per hour.

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Thanks ^^ Still missing most of the shovels/axes though.

Yup the rng can be a real bother at times, even with 2 boons it can mess you up, but it’s easier for sure :smiley: I’ll leave the top level tools for others and focus on mass producing these instead.


Some try to do both tho :wink:

Then again, the rng is soooo against me lately I’ve wanted to smash up some centraforges! :joy:


All hammers in good supply again, was on a small break for the last couple weeks.


Hi Mayumichi. May I ask what you mean by “hard” and “soft” on the tools, please?

Click open the “What’s used for what” in the first post :slight_smile:

I’m not 100% sure if tangle is hard, etc. Maybe somebody has a full list of the “hardness” of different materials.

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Ahhh. Thank you very much!

I clicked the other two and missed that one. :blush:

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No idea who’s tool this is, but it is amazing, and answers the question of hard, soft, etc.

@Pfiffel makes that :wink:

TBH i had you two constantly confused for a while.


But I don’t see tangle, mould, corruption etc in there and those I’m not 100% sure about if they’re hard or soft :thinking:

New addition! Liquid Collector

800c | Basic (Titanium)
2000c | 3x3 & 800+ Dura (Titanium)

Also added basic utility chisels
Unchisel - Lattice - Transform

They’ll work up to gold, gem chisels are coming tomorrow.

800c | Basic +Dura (Stone)

Now I’m not sure everyone will have realised this, but Stone/Metal/Alloy chisels up to Titanium have identical stats and they all work on the same blocks. Since I don’t want to waste materials, Stone is the obvious choice.