Introducing the Elements of Boundless (Updated)

(Updated 09/05)

As we now have some icons, it’s a good time to unveil/leak the elements of Boundless…

From 9 o’clock going clockwise:

Diamond (Blast), Ruby (Burn), Sapphire (Chill), Topaz (Shock), Emerald (Toxin), and Amethyst (Corrosion)… Rift, Oort, Blink and Dark.

You’ll begin to hear a lot more about these when we start to talk more about combat, the Forge and stats. Until then, enjoy some icons :wink:

(old version here)


I really like them, though blast sounds a bit weird?


coolest icons ever, i suppose that also there will be for the bad stats

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I guess then elements are just combat related?

Not “energy source” related? I wonder what symbol you’ll choose in energy relations other then “shock” :smiley:
But they look nice :slight_smile:

I’ve been working a lot lately with pixel art, and I’m really digging the aesthetic of these icons. Awesome job!


Nice Icons and it sounds good that we have elementals, i waiting for more informations XD

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Can we await stone / paper / scissor principles as in pokemon? I’d love it :stuck_out_tongue:

From the way the names are formulated I would guess that is not going to be the case.

When they are named after elemental ideas (water, fire, earth, electricity, wind and so on) you often instate the rock paper scissor system.

Whereas when they are named after the effect (burn, shock chill/cold) it is often paired with a resistance system. For example resist cold or resist shock.

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You certainly can


“Rain!” - beats everything!


[quote=“james, post:10, topic:4366, full:true”]
“Rain!” - beats everything!
[/quote]nope, Fountain sucks them all down ^^

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Like between these elements? Cause I have a hard time seeing how any of these would work more eefectively or wore against the others :confused:

such a german one :wink: seems like in english it’s the rain :stuck_out_tongue:

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I love this!!! Blast is definitely my favorite!
It reminds me of the explosive perk in Borderlands 2

Really hope it has the same effect…?

burn > chill ist my first guess.

And I conclude, that it will be important to “raid” titans or other epic bosses in groups, which are well combined in “elements”. Since here is no focus on pvp

The problem is that burn counters chill and chill counters burn they are opposing forces in opposition to pokemons fire burns plants that absorb water that can dose fire, in that case the forces are stronger/better against the other force but burn vs cold is going to be all about which one have the most power.


I wouldn’ t say so. If chill is in meaning of ice, ice is not encountering burn (fire).
But fire melts ice.

Cold coutners fire though as a cold flame is a dead flame, and the water ice have as an element counters fire too.

Fire is reliant on heat so therefore ice/cold kills it.
Heat is directly countered by an equivilant or larger amount of ice/cold
Cold is directly countered by an equivilant or larger amount of fire/heat
Ice is reliant on cold so therfore fire/heat kills it.

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@Thorbjorn42gbf is right here.

Can’t make ice in the Sahara. Can’t light a frozen match.

@Smoothy I agree with what you’re saying. But Burn =/= Fire and Chill =/= Water.

Why would damage types compete with each other?
I think that elemental creatures will just be immune to the damage type they are inflicting (just like in hundrets of RPGs before :smile:)