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Item Price Estimator

Today is the day, The day you know what the “Flying Oort” everything is worth. Now you can actually estimate what something is worth to you at cost. No more guessing at all.

This sheet is made possible by @nevir & @Logandi with their contributions to the community.

Current Release - 2.1

Current Features

  • Input prices for every base item in the game and use those values to estimate the price of every craft-able item in the game.
  • Accurately work out what kind of profit you can make by knowing exactly what it cost you for forging and crafting.
  • Decide for yourself if the price is right, But remain confident doing so because your informed.
  • Work out how much forging an item cost you, Simply enter the amount of each forging ingredient you used.
  • Use data pulled from to easily see the current Average Prices for buying and selling for every base item in the game.
  • Formula and Table should automatically update whenever @nevir updates the data pulled from the game for recipes. So downtime after an update to the game should be minimal.

Future Features

Known Issues

  • When no data is found from formulas for averages become broken.
  • Prices can be inaccurate, Please register your shop @ to improve this!
  • Recipes for Fresh Vital Essence appear to be generating from the database incorrectly.

Suggestions and Offers of Help
Please feel free to leave me a message here, PM me on the forums or at my discord Lynxdragon@3196.

The biggest help anyone can be at the moment, is to register your shop and encourage others to! Forum link below;

The more that list items, the better this will be. Also, Its free advertising for your shop!

To have a usable copy of this sheet go “File > Make a Copy” and then edit boxes in green. Any issues post here or contact directly.

All estimations are considered just that, please use your best judgement at all times. This is only intended to be a guide only and not considered absolute in any way.
Information supplied here remains the property of Lynxdragon, Information supplied by supplied by @Logandi and remains his property.
Information generated from @nevir remains his property.
As a sign of respect to contributors, Please ask permission to make derivative works from information supplied here.
Finally, Please consider the “Code of Conduct” when posting. I would like for my thread not to be locked because of other people not keeping their cool. Code of conduct can be found here Boundless Code of Conduct

Thank you!

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Trading Post Website - *New* with API
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Omg this would be so usefull!!! Great project i definitely support this x3


the math is already there on the devs side of the server. I wander if that could be turned into a stock market idea. Deff not an auction house. but a way to see average prices. Players can still price how they want. Supply and demand always wins.

Nice work Lynxdragon


Thanks Zina, Atm this is all independent of the game and is player run so not to be against the ToS. Absolutely right they can price how they want, This is supposed to be used to estimate market prices, and calculate your own prices only.


Complete support here. I’m constantly trying to figure out what things are worth to price them in my shop. It’s frustrating to overestimate an item’s worth only to log back in and realize nothing has sold in your shop. Conversely it’s frustrating to significantly undervalue something you are selling only to have it sell out prior to you realize it. Having a centralized source for market value would be an amazing resource.

+1 @Lynxdragon


Very nice resource! I am still buying too high for my sell prices lol. :see_no_evil:


Version 1.1 has been released.

Link here and in first post!


Update 2.0 BETA is live;

This version uses data made available here;

There should be no missing recipes now. Everything is calculated. Will update with instructions soon.


Updated the current release to 2.1, Can now calculate the cost for forging items.

Other minor changes made.


Didn’t see ancient tech devices, fragments,nor components on the bottom “blue” list for prices. I Might just be blind?

TO Lynx & Nevir;


THANK YOU both Soo much for taking the time to do these!! I truly appreciate it!


That’s “fliping”


They are up top, as they are not crafted. You need to set your own prices for that.

I will update it soon with a more user friendly approach.

Edit: You have no idea how great it is to be thanked for your work. I’m glad its starting to affect players.


You’re welcome!!!

That’s kinda like my job, we build these huge $1.5 million + dollar houses on the lake for these people. Hearing a general contractor tell you good job is nice. But when the homeowner personally thanks you for your hard work with a firm handshake and a “good job” that means something completely different. Makes your heart smile, ya know?


Would love to see your ingame builds! Then got good measure you can use this tool to estimate its value!