Len's List 2: Electric Boogaloo

Yep, its me again, back with another list.
Because someone so GRACIOUSLY informed me many of my ideas had been stated before, please note I may do so again,and if I do, its to reinstate how good of an idea I think it is.

NONE OF THESE IDEAS ARE ORIGINALLY MINE: I may tweak them, but I didn’t make them.For my ideas, go read Len’s Huge List:Update 3, I’ll update it everyone and then

Death Penalty:
No penalty: Revive at your “Home” beacon
Light penalty (5% Base):Revive at nearest town
Medium Penalty(15%):Revive at nearest Campfire (To give them a use during meteor raids?)
Heavy Penalty(25%): Revive on the spot
Perhaps the “Death Penalty” Perks Would allow you chose where you warp, with the default always being your home?
Unfortunately, I have NO idea how to implement this…

Edit 1- Oops, sorry Liveey
Revive Totems
Healer Item
Medium cost
You need a perk to make them(Maybe an active perk so only healers could place them down on a long cooldown?)
Allows any player nearby to revive at them for free, at a cost to its durability
Mostly used for Meteor/Titan raids.
End Edit 1

Candy Planet!
"Candy Mountain Charlie!"
Candy-cane trees, Pits of sticky molasses, make everything candy themed!
“The universe is a big place…”

That’s all for now,but Ill add more when I hear them!, Why don’t you go check out my other list, help me refine my ideas!


and we shall call it…
Cloud Cookoo Land!!!
Princess Unikitty shall be the mere of the capitol (and only settlement on the planet at the same time, ha!)

you get smaller for 1 minute - like 1 block high (half the size so) - all stats halved as well, eat that if you love dying :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Seriously though, of all ideas thrown in forums lately, I think halved stats and that kind of penalty is kinda perfect, plus re-spawn point 60-80 blocks away (to avoid death loop and make dying player make some effort to come back );
death penalty reduction could then simply reduce the stat penalty time and re-spawning distance, like this for example:

no Death Penalty Reduction (DPR): stats penalty applies for 120 seconds and re-spawn point is 80 blocks away
DPR 1 - 108sec/72blocks
DPR 2 - 96sec/64blocks
DPR 3 - 84sec/56blocks
DPR 4 - 72sec/48blocks
DPR 5 - 60sec/40blocks

I think there should always be some death penalty and no full immunity with whatever skills so reducing initial punishment to half of it would be just about.

You forgot my idea, the revive totems for a healer class :3 loses durability per revive can only place down 1 b4 a hunt placed outside atmosphere(area) of meteor


Heeey, hey that’s called argumentation. No need to be salty about this if you don’t have nothing to say except picture with generic quote :hugs:

I fieex it Liveey

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