LF Inspiration: Creature Statues

I’m wanting to make some creature statues (wildstock, hopper, spitter etc) but having trouble shaping them, so I need some screenshots of others builds.

The size I’m aiming for is approximately an 8x8x8 area (1 plot).

I have only been able to find a Wildstock Statue as this really terrible build on Antar VI, but need to find more! If you could link the co-ordinates that would be great, thanks! :smile:


There is taking inspiration from someone… then there is just plain taking the p!ss :joy: :joy: :joy:


This is an old event, but momma and hazir did some creatures for the contest. I know it’s not 8x8, but helps getting your head into pixel space nonetheless

Ah i remember that event, was a cool one - but I’m going for 3D statues :confused:

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@apt has the best wildstock statues!


(I’ll look for more when I’m at my PC)


Ooh nice, that a good size also - thanks!

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Looks like most of the screenshots from the Chisel Contest in EA are gone now, but I found this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NP5pyRuBr3U

Then there’s Beyoncé from the Cuttlecombs in Elopor. (miss that place :cry: ) That’s bigger than what you wanted though.

Off-Topic Nostalgia

And because I’m now feeling nostalgic, here’s the deadly obstacle course that spitter statue was guarding. So many lives lost… :wink:

Spitter's Maw



There’s a hunter statue in Legendville, but the artist never finished. Guess they got tired of waiting for the hunter haha

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If you’re looking for cuttletrunks, come check out the Naughty Wall Art! @Apt won 1st place with his Cuttletrunk. (Go at night :star_struck:)

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Someone had a “Jurassic park” like build pre-release, it was opposite one of the major store conglomerations back then - if you can find screenies that might help too. I’ll check as well when back at pc

Edit: Found it! seems @Zina might have some more detailed shots hopefully, and ofc amandapan might have been involved :yum: nostalgia indeed


Thanks everyone for the posts, some cool stuff here and have already taken some inspiration :fist_right: :fist_left:

This is what I’ve come up with for my draft, need to change out the Gold/Silver for Marble tho ofc


Hey @Ovis!

You should be able to do much better than the Spitter these days - that was before the chisel update, back in old Elop Portas.

You’d even be able to do a scaled down version of the Cuttletrunk with the new chisels. 1/4 the size if I’m right?

We never did get around to making a Hopper for the Hopperdrome, but those should be pretty easy!


Anyone got a screenshot of my ground basher?

Edit found a bad one.


Yo @Pseudonym84! Nice to see your lurking on the forums still :wave:

I haven’t attempted anything other than the hopper yet but got a cool idea for the cuttletrunk! You got any more screenshots of the spitter?


There was someone building a cuttletrunk in a mountain. Dunno what size it was tho. And haven’t dug thru the forums to find it. But it was being built after EA so it might still be around. The one hunter guild that disbanded had a really good cuttletrunk in the floor. Think PURE was it’s name. @Ratchel might know if the cuttle is still there.

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Unfortunately all town up. Though I want to say someone was building a massive cuttle on cardass? May be wrong was sometime ago

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You need live subject

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I still lurk from time to time! The Boundless Community is very close to my heart!

I’m not sure what else there is lying about on the forums other than what @AmandaPan already posted;

There were a bunch of runs through the place though, so you might be able to get footage of it at the end of either @DanBeforeTime’s or @Scratchnwiff’s videos at the bottom of this post;

And since I just tagged Dan and Scratch, but haven’t spoken to them in ages - “Yarbor!”


I think in ea there was some statues next to gemporium… jiviita did video about it i think.
Cannot remember who did those.