List of servers impacted by the desync bug

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This is a video that shows (with a very simple test) what worlds are impacted by the bug.

Worlds (so far) impacted by the Server desync bug:

  • Finata
  • Lutrion
  • Lamblis
  • Pheminorum
  • Seginiakai
  • Lasaina
  • Beckon
  • Storis II
  • Boori
  • Biitula
  • Serpensarindi
  • Circarpous
  • Alnitans
  • Besevrona

Alnitans and Besevrona are not in the video but I tested them the same way and they are also impacted by the Server desync bug.

When you are stuck in place, the ESC key no longer works and you can only brute force the game to shut down and restart Boundless again.

I made the video to show the DEV’s how to reproduce the issue in a very easy way.

Did you have other worlds as well not listed above that are impacted by the desync bug ?
Please comment below.


Hopefully the video helps. We should keep these posts all in one thread though. Or send it to the support email.

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@Tiggs Could you please pass this on to the team too ?


I think the devs have enough information now that they should be able to come up with a resolution. I don’t think a server restart will fix this particular issue so I hope it’s resolved asap as it’s a pretty bad issue. Especially with it causing deaths and disrupting so many peoples gameplay.


Worth mentioning this happened to me 2 times after warping to TNT circa hub then typing “/wave”.


From what others have told me in DMs it is happening with or without the /wave.

@majorvex maybe it’s best to merge these posts with the few others?

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I was on purpose trying to keep this separate as it is only to show the Devs how to reproduce it.

Let’s not clutter the other topics with more stuff, it might get confusing.

@majorvex Let’s not merge this for the above mentioned reasons.
Also this way it is easier to add server names to the list for me.


Or we can just clutter the forums with the same topic 4 times. Send a support ticket in … I did exactly what you did in the video and cannot reproduce it.

Report it and move on.

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This is about the server list and the video as proof to reproduce, thats all.
Also asked Tiggs to pass this on to the team, so I did what I should do to get this towards the Devs to look at.

Added planet Lamblis to the list as I had the problem there too.


So far not a single Sov-world has given me problems.

I will keep testing. :slight_smile:


Since about 2 days, HSE planet has been unplayable for me. In the past it was fine. Will report other planets if I go to more.


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OK, but that is latency issues. That may not be the desync bug you know.

I went to that Sov-world and tested it. I have no latency issues there and did not have the server desync bug.



I knew Gellis was the perfect planet :grin::stuck_out_tongue:


I don´t have any problems at these planets. I only have problems at privat planets.

If you’re not going to be helpful, then…


I try to be. My point being that this video pertains to all the other server issues and while some can reproduce this issue, I cannot. So, if a dev gets that video and can’t reproduce said issue, then I question how helpful it is.

Also, 4-5 threads on server issues could be merged into one so we don’t have issue threads everywhere.

But, I still love ya.

EDIT: Not to belittle the issues though, I do want them fixed so everyone can enjoy the game.

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for me i had no issues, i just now experience some issues, I can’t interact with baskets, and my grapple is funky, also i noticed that it pulsates as every second if you slap someone’s area you notice the name appears and disappear same as when you grapple the ground, every second it connects/de-connects
does not happen everytime

Thats Host when you are desynced.

i know im just adding info