Lootboxes boundless style

Bought several planets the last few months, all of them are…well…not good lets just say that about them.
I will let all of them burn out cause…they are no good.

Seems like what the result of the planet will be after creating it is very…lets just say random …just like the forging in this game.

Boundless always seemed to be for the players, it never had much of an ingame shop to spend money in.
That has changed lately after the addition of the sovereign worlds, and if i got what i paid for after creating the world that would be fine…just an addition to the game .
Butt…what you get is pretty random…and you have little control over it…this seems a lot like paying for lootboxes and hoping you get something good from it.

greed rules…it seems


I honestly think it mostly comes down to your choices. Sure the resources are rng but what you pick helps dictate the direction and not all bioems play well with each other. So that part might be a little bit of trial and error. I like all my planets I made and have really liked all the planets @Soju-VB has made for me(I bought them he picked biomes) but soju seems to have it down to a science


@bucfanpaka also very much a planet-whisperer


@FireAngelDth I disagree with your first part of the comment, it’s not “down to your choices”, by far. I wanted a close to flat plains planet, so chose all the flat pictures in that Google Form, and only 2 T6 mountainous biomes, guess what… the planet is full of mountains. Managed to find a plain zone big enough for what I want and stayed with it, but it’s definitely not what I intended. So it’s definitely not based on what you want, you have some input, but not all. You are not choosing what the planet will look like, you just offer suggestions to the generator.
As for “rerolling”… I said before, some people are ok with throwing away money, not saying that the game doesn’t need that money or should have it, I’m just saying I’m not ok with “rolling” money as an unintended game mechanic. But, people will keep saying it’s ok, so the feature won’t change.

Yeah, the pictures are not the best. I have a bit of an advantage of doing full atlases for 100s of Exos, so I have seen almost all of the biomes multiple times and know what they can roll like… so can pick what I want pretty effectively.

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As soju said the pictures aren’t the best. There’s some that look flat but aren’t that flat iirc. My part on “reroll” has only happened because i wanted to try to get all my planets next to each other. Don’t really need them to be just thought it’d be nice to make my own network for them :sweat_smile:

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well… I don’t consider it a fully implemented feature, Google Forms should make this obvious, but I completely understand why. It takes a hole lot of time to refine and implemented the private planets feature with all the options needed, especially modifying the planet generator to give you what you want, but still be random and… to have the biomes linked without noticing the difference, it’s hard even for a very big team with lots of devs and QA, for this people need to be understandable. If it was to have the planets with a polished process, they most likely wouldn’t be released even now. I just hope they will eventually have a way to see the generator results in some way, to be able to make better decisions when buying a planet.

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I am curious in what way they are not good, Are they not good because of the landscape? or are they not good because of the ore/gem content? or some other reason?

One thing on the biomes is that they merge with others, which can create really cool results - it does alter how they can look though. It would be good to have pictures of several variations of the biome results on there. And RNG comes into play with size for sure, Gleam Spiral is one where I’ve gotten both fairly small and really nice large areas.

One option if you don’t want to risk a roll is, keep an eye on the Pakaverse thread. I’m probably going to be doing some more rolling, anything I don’t want to keep (often because it is simply on the wrong planet) I label Temporary there, and it is fair game to write to the devs and ask for. Mostly T5s and T6s but I’ll be doing some T3s for Gleambow, and once Gleambow is over I’ll let you all know when you can claim those. Of course, these are all going to be in set regions (USE for all but T6s, those are on USW). But it is one way to get what are usually good gem worlds on the T5 and T6s with other resources, and get to see it first, and get a little free time on it too.

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Can you decode…


I thought this was a suggestion
to have lootboxes spawned randomly on the planet as some sort of quest?

and they are called meteor loot


if i wanted spam…i would have bought a can in the super market…or even 2.


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In my opinion it has been stated on the forum that the planet pictures like @Apt mentioned, “don’t fully paint the full picture” also several peeps already pointed this out in other posts.

We have in our community a couple of players that know how the rolling “kind of” works for planets. Ask them (it has been offered before by some of them).

Create a topic and ask for help or advice.
Peeps usually answer.
(Keep in mind there aren’t a lot of peeps that can help you as most probably got lucky, took it as is or got helped).

Like i want to create lake a ——— planet with this this and this in it (as surface). What do i do?
Or can someone give me some advice?

That said don’t see them as “loot box” because you chose your biomes granted how it is generated is out of your control.

You probably do know this but,
a “loot box” has only one choice…
“to buy or not to buy”.
And if you do some times there is just a 0.5% chance (or less) you actually get something you want (or at least you can use) from it.

To add i am no expert on sov’s and not planning on getting a sov any time soon.
Ill keep spending my money on cubits (plots, cosmetics, other).
Also note i am not planning on searching the forum for the random messages in (mostly) large topics. (But would have before i got a sov).

Anyway feel bad for you because of the “bad” role… but can only wish you beter luck next time…

[to add]
Don’t know which game it was but to get the 1 item this player wanted he calculated on the worst possible odds he would have to spent €100.000,- to get the item he wanted at least once. (Can be that he spent that amount to get it and also could be $ or £ instead of €).


i created 6 planets with the exact same biomes
and yet they have all different outcome same for resources, so its a full RNG yet its a choice you are given, maybe more information needs to be added while creating a planet when it comes to biomes and RNG.

so its hard to say this biome gives this or that, because the next one will be totally different


I have no clue how the generator works here, but if it’s possible to have even a low poly map with biome distribution would be enough, that way you will see that even if you chose 1 biome with X, you see 15 of those biomes in the result and than you can reroll that. I understand that this takes CPU time and is prone to spamming, but maybe if it’s posible to have a diferent input to the generator, where you give it a schema than you can have a website where you select the zones, generate until you get a good schema and go from there.

This way you can even have similar planets, similar in biome distribution and not what actual data the planet contains, and you share with friends or forum. This way you can minimize the randomness and raise the value of decision making when you pay for the planet.

There can be a lot of ways to approach this, but it all depends on the difficulty of the implementation for which only a dev can comment on.

If the planet generates was really done “loot box” style you wouldnt be allowed to pick the biomes, planet type or tier.

If would be something like “Pay 10$ for a generic planet, pay 100$ for a planet that has solid white deposits of minable oort”

You at least have some control over what you are asking for with planets to make you, Im guessing you are picking biomes that look “cool” or have no clue what they will spawn because thats what i went though before i stopped just picking random biomes hoping to get lucky.

I burned though 50.00$ before finding a emerald planet i was okay with, a friend burned though 100 finding a topaz planet, i think a guild spent 100 just tring to move a planet to orbit another one.

You could at least have some fun with your “i need biome help” post

If you are a EA backer you have access to the tool to create the configs and half of yall dont have that tool.

Players also cant be trusted to submit valid configs, they would do something like “oh if i just pick Olyimpus for my only biome my planet is solid diamond” either intentionally or because they just didnt know any better.

Players will game the system were possible,

It’s not hard to figure out that if a planet takes 15 minutes minimum to spawn. And a 24 thread cpu takes 5 to spawn a planet its not very practical to spawn a preview of what you are going to get. They run the servers up in AWS where you pay for CPU usage and knowing players they would just hit refresh all day burning up cpu and cutting into the bottom line.

If people want to learn how to pick the perfect biome they should be playing with the local universe on the test branch because you can generate planets for free.


Is it possible to choose your biomes with that when you don’t have the world builder tool?

If there was a way to generate a local preview of a world using the prescribed biome selection restrictions (even if I have to wait an hour on my 4 core cpu to see each preview), and then submit the same biome choices (and preferably also the seed) to have it generated on live, that would be so much better than the current system.

I don’t know if it’s worth the dev time to implement that, though.

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The world configs are just json files with a list of the biomes and what not for the planet. The world builder lets you create these using a node editor, but the output is still just a json config file. which is why i was asking if anyone had looked into making one.

Some one with some good JqueryFu should be able to look at those and then figure out some sort of web based creator that spits out a config file.

Heureka has been making custom planets on his local universe Some shots from my worldbuilder tests so all the pieces are there, im just way to lazy to bother trying to figure something out.

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Do you happen to know where those files are located? When I saw your request thread, I assumed I would need worldbuilder access to do anything with it. I also would want to wait until I see what they do with the server GUI before doing any real work, but I wouldn’t mind seeing those files.