Machine set ups

Hi all , was wondering if people don’t mind me asking this , could anyone help by showing me there machine set ups I want change mine , many thanks


posted on another thread a pic list of past homes and thought might be of some service to post how I have evolved my idea of a workshop/machine set up from the beginning.

No1 workshop - about 5 machines in a box…hardly a workshop…simple needs for a simpler time

No2 workshop - started making coils so bigger workshop needed. A few coils hidden under or behind storage (easy access as coils had to be fixed individually back then :scream:)

No3 workshop - same as before but bigger

No4 workshop - hiding the majority of machine and coils underground (can now repair machines as whole)

Extension of above workshop

No5 workshop - central spark unit running 4 rows of machines (plus separate machine area to right.

No6 workshop - hanging down this time…reduced set up as not much crafting being down at this time

Running out of coin so needed to get back into the coil business plus moved worlds so…

No7 workshop - current workshop and back to the layout of No6…clean, functional and easy to maintain plus lots of storage close by. Also a bit boring…do love other workshops which make more of a feature of coils.
4 x 32 machines running from central spark unit but only have about 14 coils per machine as time reduction has rapidly diminishing returns after this, plus do not use any recipes that demand more.
Also have separate sets of machines close by for work overflow.

If I have one piece of general advice for prospective workshop builders, it would be always leave room to expand.
and mind your mesh limit.
and mind yourself if coils are exposed :zap:


i remember the #4 workshop :smiley:

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Topside, like you can see in the right and left corner there are glasspains over the exposed area

view from directly below

side view, mind that all sides are made by 3x6 coils except 1 more per coilstack

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I think this thread may provide you with some decent information! Helped me a lot!