Mailbox... PLEASE!?

I think it would be awesome to have a craftable mailbox to send gifts to friends. if a friend hasn’t crafted one, the game would say “this player hasn’t set up a mailbox” just like a cell phone lol. It would also be sweet to be able to place multiple boxes in different locations so we can receive items/mail at our other build sites. you could keep track of boxes by using our usernames.


yep we are going to need mailboxes of some kind, thats for sure :smiley:

This could, in turn, open up a way for a mail service job to exist. Maybe have postage stamps?

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We need a MOLL-E, maybe even a Jeeves. lol

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Would the delivery have a delayed time? Or would it be instant? OR! OH! It could be delayed by one or two real life days, but you can enhance it to be immediate using Oort stone, or maybe a new concept: Oort Dust?

well you could just make a portal to your friend’s house and make a box that people put stuff inside…

Why not have a mechanic, though? It would be much more interesting to have mailboxes that could serve many purposes, than a chest that people travel to.

IDK, I guess I just feel like the mechanic is unneccecary. if you want a mailman deliver your stuff, I suppose you can pay some player to take a letter to your friend, or something.

but to open a portal it will cost you Oort shards so a mail service might be kind of neat to deal with that XD

make it more realish could also have players deliver them as a quest like thing to make some gold if they wish or have it player ran but they have there trained pets do the runs (like players that live in that town that run the postal service have there pets do it not just anyones)

possibly add a small tax on the shipping to help fund towns lol


Absolutely want to leave notes for people but leaving packages and receiving packages would also be great. Absolutely needed so we can reach out to town mayors and others. At present, we’re using buy baskets and/or having huge communication gaps with folks when we want to know if it’s ok for us to move in or not. Hook it up to Steam API so we receive the in-game mail notification?

I like having to physically drop the letters/packages though.


Relevant to discussion here.

for the time being, if you need to communicate with someone or a town, the best resource is probably the Discord channel. Most of the active players are in there from time to time, and if they aren’t, someone who they know probably is, and could reach out for you :slight_smile:

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What is the discord channel?

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YESSSS I wish we could build mailboxs or visitors sign that people could leave messages on. That way I can tell players I haven’t met yet that I appreciate what they’ve built. There are so many hidden gems around the world. I know the Redrock Forum is trying to create something like this, but it is location specific and you have to be friended and added to the beacon. It would be nice to have some form of open communication that doesn’t put your build at peril.

This is already a Trello card – go and vote on it :slight_smile:

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Thanks, joined and voted.

I frickin’ LOVE this idea. Please make it happen? Pretty please?

i had also a previous idea that kinda in this categorie

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You can make a mailbox substitute using request baskets.

The real thing would be cool though