Make decorative item from multiple itemparts

so these are decorative items but they are in pieces so you need to collect 10 different pieces to make the thing
they drop from enemy’s
can be found in soil
while mining
cause there ten different piece to an item
you might find 9 off the same piece so this makes it difficult to get the decorative item
there alot ya can do with this


Like fragments? they drop from different types of rocks, but your suggesting a new series of items that combine from more sources?

Might be interesting if instead of crafting it you just put it together piece by piece, like with furnaces

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There’s a link to something like this, with dev art, around here.

I found it in the poles and beams pinned thread last night.

It discusses not only things like totem poles but also mountable/displayable trophies made from “thousands of animal parts”. If i can find it easily I’ll come post the link.

Oh I found this one:

And here’s the one I was reading last night:

I think that second thread has almost exactly what you’re asking for in it. Not sure if/how close it is to implementation though.

(LOL I see it got posted while I was searching)