Monumental question

just checking in @monty1 @Tiggs any newz
i see you dont have any positions open atm at monumental this mean the team is ready?
if no newz i check back in 5months then it be a year :smile:
i freaking love this game hope all is good over there in austin

i see you took crowfall offline to reimagine the game i hope the team for boundless is not the same people trying to reimagine crowfall since that prob a big job is it a seperate team you building?


We’re still working on transitioning the game over to our company.


can’t wait to see what will happen in the near future :slight_smile:


hello, can we have a roadmap of what you plan to do as well as your feelings about the game, what you would like to change do you plan to listen to the community?


Not gonna lie, it’s just amazing to have actual responses after like 2 years of radio silence from the old dev team.

Thank you, Tiggs. I wish you the best of luck with the transition.


Agree :slight_smile: small roadmap of what you have in mind would be awesome.

That is unfortunate that it hasn’t been fully transferred over yet. I’m sure there are lots of hurdles around these sorts of things. Thank you for the update :slight_smile:

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I asked this question a few weeks ago and was told things got extended from 6 months to a year. So-- we just have to be patient. :slight_smile:

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ok no prob just checking for me its like james burning a disc and giving it to you but its probably more complicated then that lol


The transition will take at least a year. We then need to hire up a team to learn Boundless, and then we’ll decide the direction Boundless will take (changes to the game)


We’ll keep the lights on in the Oortverse while y’all get the heavy lifting done :v: Thanks for the update.


Tiggs, I can help you on the last issue (changes to the game). Don’t change anything. All is nice and working afaic :+1:


thank you for your answer, but if you could regularly update the situation, I think the community would be reassured.


I think between myself and @majorvex we say it’ll be a year out just for the transfer a few times a month :slight_smile:


In general, what is involved in transitioning a game from one owner to another? Not all the nitty gritty, but the general steps, like getting the names changed on the log in page was one step for eg. I assume there is a lot of waiting for all the legal paperwork etc?


I wish you all the best of luck. And for the members of your team who want to play the game to get a feel for it, there are those like me who are more than willing to help with their experience, especially on things like a meteor hunt. :smiley:


I think people probably keep asking since the answer of one year would be expected to change at the end of the month if that was the answer at the beginning of the month.

The real question is likely: is progress being made on the transition or is progress stalled?

If progress is stalled it makes sense that the one year answer is the same despite time marching forward, especially if there are legal hoops to jump through or similar things happening that are holding up the process.

However, if progress is being made then I think the answer would eventually become 11 months instead of one year (or something like that).


put a suggestion post in the forum for reference…

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I kinda read her statement as this:
It’ll be 1-year for the full transition [estimated] then they can begin hiring the staff [which could be 6 months to a year from there] Any progress of true updates if any are to be done, or if they continue with the game at all [I don’t see it ending] would be 2-3 years from now as a worst case.

So it shows realistic expectations, but also makes me understand why they would want to relaunch the game. Those who didn’t want to wait would quit, or leave and move on. Die-hards or long-standing community members will stick around or keep onto what little we each have to keep the spirits high and encourage others to join and wait out the decisions, in hopes everything will turn out good in the end and our waiting will be rewarded with rich and full updates.

But a lot of us are just happy to see any updates, or communication. The bar has been set really REALLY low for us long-timers to see anything from the dev teams.

We have hopes of good, but setting my own expectations from what was said, and reading into it. We’re looking likely at 2025/2026 before the game is fully owned and staffed by Monumental, and has it’s first full update to the gameplay. Not just small patches/bug fixes.


I feel this lol. Pretty sure I have posts asking for updates or newsletters dating back to 2015 :sweat_smile:

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