My forging videos

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Hello everyone,

I had the idea to start recording my forging sessions with some live commentary.

I already did 3 episodes, I hope it can help some of the people that are struggling to make tools.

Episode 1 - T6 diamond hammers

Episode 2 - T6 Shovels

Episode 3 - Diamond Slingbow

I get side tracked easily, sorry if some sentences never get finished :stuck_out_tongue:


Will have to check this out :ok_hand:


Made some new episodes today, getting a little better with the editor, episode 5 and 6 got nice intros

Episode 4 - Diamond axes

Episode 5 - Golden fist

Episode 6 - Long range grapples


Made some new episodes, and some big error…

So episode 7 - silent episode - t4 hammers
Had my mic turned off the entire time… Didn’t want to waste the footage…

The forge was super unlucky and lots of my despair was lost as there is no sound :frowning:

Episode 8 - ruby shotguns
This one has voice

I hope it helps some people and entertain others :stuck_out_tongue:

All the tool forged will be sold in my sasquatchville tool and weapons shop, in Sasquatchville, Alder, take the alder portal from TNT, turn right slowly, you’ll see the signs leading to the store or the big led thing over it, on the right, as you exit trough TNT :stuck_out_tongue:


Made more video today, had some issues while messing with new recording software so sound isn’t great in episode 9 and 10, but I got it just right for 11, so here it is

Ep 9 - light heavy shotguns

Episode 10 - T5 sapphire shovels

Episode 11 - more diamond hammers

11 is shorter, misclicked and didn’t record the other 20 min…

Anyway I hope it can help or entertain someone :stuck_out_tongue:


made some more forge video today

Episode 12 - Messing with totem forging
I try to forge stack of 9 totems to max glow/magnet

Episode 13 - ruby bows
Had to deconstruct a few times here

Episode 14 - cheap t1-t2 hammers
7 stacks in 13 minutes


Made a 3-episode arc trying to make a stack of 9 clear weather loosticks

Got a webcam so now you get to see my sad face as I don’t get the quirks I want offense in this serie

Ep 15 - Clear sky loosticks part 1

Ep 16 - Clear sky loosticks part 2

Ep 17 - clear sky loosticks part 3

It was a tough journey but I made it :stuck_out_tongue:


made 3 more videos today, all slingbows but I went for 3 different kinds.

Also I upgraded my setup with a greenscreen, did some experimenting during these

Ep 18 - shotgun heavy bows

ep 19 - Light snipers with durability

ep 20 - Medium-Heavy Slingbows