Nerf XP + Memes

I dunno what I’m gunna do with my stone now… just do the small-blocks mod and ignore them I guess…

I prefer xp tho…



I’m not gonna do it myself since I genuinely don’t care, but… I’m really curious where the person reporting memes in another thread went, and how that person feels about a Pepe being posted on the Boundless forums.


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… Are you suggesting that I report you? Or are you suggesting that you’re still hurting inside?

muh rock xp :cry:


So you’re saying that an alt-right symbol is totally cool because it’s on-topic, but a Dragonball-Z meme is off limits because it’s connected to another post that was already flagged under questionable circumstances?

I understand that you’re not trying to own that logic yourself in your post, but… Wow. Whoever is might want to explain themselves a bit better.

Deepest sympathies, brother. Wish I could help you. To be clear, I only “don’t care” about reporting your odd choice of memes.

You don’t have to be ashamed. Most people are pretty tolerant =D

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You’re just in the wrong threads, then.

how do I find the right threads?

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Well you just taught me something because i never knew it was an alt-right symbol. I’ve always seen it used for wholesome jokes. I did find some after googling though.

And DBZ memes are always appropriate imo

but I like this thread… why can’t I stay?

Saw that once i googled. I don’t agree with those uses of the meme but we’re off topic at this point

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My Mind = Blown

I posted a sad frog pic because I was sad about muh rock xp.


Not trying to ruin your day, man. Wasn’t even directed at you… Just asking for equal justice, preferably in the form of me not being auto-reported.


Just came here after the other thread and now things make more sense. I just learned about the recent change to Pepe too. Strange. Sometimes the internet moves too quick.

Also, I thought that DBZ Meme was on point and I pressed the like button even after it was flagged lol.


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